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Timeline of Scripture

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This is a kind of a fun project for you to consider digging into.

Can a "Whole Bible Timeline" help you better understand the End Times and where we are in the timeline of things? In short... Absolutely! Let's take a quick look at how and why it's important.

Below is a timeline of the entire Bible with Scriptural References. Obviously, the dates are all approximate as there is simply no way to determine precisely when each book was written. Researchers can get pretty close to the year based on other historical resources as they line up with things contained within the text of Scripture. Using this could be valuable for helping you to better determine other timelines such as the End Times Timeline because Revelation is a book of historical accuracy for Israel and a book of Prophetic insight for Israel and the world. The key to unlocking Revelation is knowing the Hebrew Scripture (errantly called the Old Testament). Without Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Nehemiah, and others Revelation is impossible to decode. This full Bible Timeline can be used with historical research to better understand the audience being written to by the authors of these books which will give you insight into the Hermeneutics (Proper CONTEXT) for their End Time prophecies, which will, in turn, give you insight into John's in Revelation. Even Yeshua/Jesus quoted from Daniel in Matthew 24 and was of course contextually as well as eschatologically/chronologically perfect. 😃 😎

Now, obviously, this timeline can be used to assist any Bible research as well. But most overlook the need to know the Hebrew Scripture to understand the Apostolic Scripture. I really do pray this blesses you.

Bible Timeline © 2010 by Rich Valkanet, Discovery Bible and

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