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Harvest of Hope International has become Remnant Nation, LLC

Remnant Nation. LLC is a Full-Gospel Messianic Assembly

We believe the church may be the biggest and most critical mission field in history.



Abba has placed upon our hearts, among other things, to do our part to return the Body-Bride to First Century teachings and authority. So much of the "church" is nothing like what we find in Scripture. The 5-Fold Gifts (you may know them as Offices) in Ephesians 4:11 no longer operate, or cooperate, in the way we find in the example of the First Century Body of Believers. Positions have been created and defined which are nothing like the model shown to us in the Assemblies of Jerusalem and Antioch. People are raised up in ministry to serve the "church" they attend, but in Scripture, we see the First Century congregations were sending ministries. All kinds of reasons have been offered for this change, and I won't waste your precious time going into all of that. The bottom line is, it's NOT in Scripture. So Remnant Nation is twofold... 


  1. We are a ministry providing information to anyone who wants to discover a better understanding of First Century Doctrine. This is for those who haven't had the opportunity to gain the education but desire resources to discover what First Century Doctrine and Spiritual Authority really was. Our resources are mostly free and those which aren't are affordable.

  2. We are also a network of independent ministries - Remnant Nation Alliance provides a safe place to grow in your ministry giftings. We offer guidance, loving correction, education (various levels now available - see RNU page), social networking, and a place to eventually spread your message (by way of Guest Blogs on this site, your video messages posted to a Member's Only page, assistance in publishing your written work into E-Books (and possibly print books as well - see Remnant Nation Press page), and so much more.


What can Remnant Nation Alliance offer to you?


  • Remnant Nation Alliance is a unique network birthed by a desire placed in us; as God began to reveal (over nearly a decade) to Naphtali and Tim Hillis the need of those who have hard callings, and are in training or already prepared but await being appointed into their place in the Kingdom. RNA is a safe place for those who are preparing or who have been prepared in the wilderness.


  • Remnant Nation Alliance is a no-cost family of like-minded believers who are all coming from the wilderness, having fought many battles, but who recognize the need to be connected to something in which they can contribute and also find the sustenance they may have lacked in their wilderness seasons of training.


  • Remnant Nation Alliance is a new generation of ministries which are filling the niche's the church at large has neglected or has been ill-equipped to fill. The ministries which are and which will become part of RNA will see the End Time Great Commission of returning the Body-Bride back to a Matthew 20 restoration - the Last shall be First and the First Shall be Last. The 11th-hour / last generation of believers in Yeshua/Jesus will be just like the First Generation (Matthew 20:1-20)

Forged in the Fire and Wilderness Cover.

Click Above to Read a Short Document about the Prophetic Insights which Eventually
led to the birthing of Remnant Nation

Tim wrote the following about 2 months before Doug Addison

released the same word on his YouTube Channel:


It seems God is revealing that His next Move, in preparing the Body-Bride; will be heralded by those who have been passed over, overlooked, and underestimated. 

















What Exactly Is Remnant Nation Alliance?



A “Nation” is

  1. a people group who have chosen similar ideals and congregate over a particular land mass;  

  2. a large gathering of those with DNA in common to their particular people group.


Since we believe God is calling us to unite with people of similar calling and understanding of Scripture, we believe this Remnant group of people carry similar "spiritual DNA" (for lack of a better description) to our own. We believe like Jacob who became Israel, a new nation takes on a new destiny and a new nature. Remnant Nation Alliance is certainly not down and outers or has-beens. RNA is a gathering of those who have awaited their opportunity to come forward as YHVH provides the timing.


RNA is a place for any believer to safely operate in their God-given gifts and abilities without judgment or pressure. To be lovingly corrected and guided through difficulties as they grow and develop into their portion of the image of God. Those who align with us find a place to wait for God's appointed time of launching without growing stagnant in the waiting. A place to contribute until God shows them their "platform" or "launching pad". Whether it is as a missionary to a local church, teaching on a street corner in Zimbabwe, in the European marketplace, or creating an internet fellowship, building a Media ministry (yes we believe these CAN be legit and powerfully anointed), writing books, or anything else.


Wherever and whenever their place in the Kingdom is made clear we intend to stand with them as a family. Until any such time that God guides them away, they can use RNA as a vehicle to grow in the light of the Son and the love of the Father while learning to do and say everything Holy Spirit guides. That is the purpose of alignment - a place of safety, guidance, correction, and provision of spiritual needs while growing into your calling. It is not about a person or leader with a big reputation or great influence and thereby "imparting" such gifting or calling into those who align with them. It is about like DNA, a similar vision, but most importantly the Guidance of Ruach Ha'Kodesh / Holy Spirit.


Alignment with Remnant Nation Alliance brings a covering to grow under, an oak tree to take shade and shelter under. We are not an internet church or fellowship, or a replacement for being a faithful part of a local assembly. We are a place from which those seeking a strong family to grow, launch, and increase in true Kingdom Authority can do so through relationships.

What We’re All About

We Do Not Charge an Application fee and We Do Not Charge to Join. RNA is a Zero Obligated Cost Alliance of Independent Ministries Coming Together to Assist One Another in Accomplishing Our Common Vision of Preparing the Body-Bride and Reaching a Lost and Dying World. Use the Apply Today Button.


After reviewing our materials, blog, podcasts, and ministry vision, would you please consider donating to help us continue our work?


Donations generally go toward: site upkeep and resources, training materials, meeting facilities, travel, unexpected personal and/or ministry expenses.


A Secure Site Donations Button is at the Bottom of Every Page of Our Site



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