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Currently Enrolling for Associate's Degree Only

RNU is offering online degrees pursuant to Florida Statute §1005.06 (1)(f) & Regulations for Religious Educational Institutions

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An education at Remnant Nation University will prepare you with a thorough understanding of 1st Century Theology and Doctrine. Our professors have worked diligently to recover and re-establish the teaching(s) of the 1st Century Body of Messiah as built by the Apostles.

We are endeavoring to bring the very best in 1st Century Theological Education at a price that nearly any budget can afford. A very limited number of Scholarships may be available at any given time through private donors who choose to be a benefactor for students after an application is completed:

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Need a Better Way to Pay than getting a student loan [you'll have to pay on forever]? We offer Interest Free Tuition Financing Options inline with our morals and ethics; no interest, no late fees, no hidden costs. 

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Enroll In a Degree Program or Take One Course at a Time
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RNU does not discriminate based on age, gender, religious background, ethnicity, nationality or other concerns that are not against the precepts of Biblical Culture. We reserve the right to limit attendance based solely upon matters of Biblical Concern and upon written request will provide any applicant, which is not accepted, a full explanation of our Biblical Position for refusal to admit said applicant.

The following document will help you to understand how we calculate Our Credits versus Classroom Hours. This can be especially difficult for someone coming to RNU from another institution that calculates differently, or is attending college/university for the first time and resides outside of the US.

We use a Semester based method which essentially means you will have approximately the same number of classroom hours per week as the course itself has credits. So a 3 Credit Class will have 3 classroom hours per week for 12 weeks - 16 weeks minus one for each of the midterm and final exams, also minus the average of two weeks per semester for breaks and holidays. This equates to 3 credits = 3 hours per week class lecture (including timed quizzes/exams but does not include midterms or finals) x 12 weeks per class = 36 hours of class time for this 3 credit course. The document below will help you to understand how this will work with the possible transfer of credits from/to other colleges or universities.

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YOU CAN Earn Your Associate or Bachelor of Arts in 1st Century Theology and Doctrine. Why Not Start Today?

RNU Uses a variety of cutting-edge tech and media applications which are seamlessly integrated for a one stop but multi-faceted learning experience.  For example, the Free Research Paper below utilizes a lot of In-Text Citations, all linked to a resource so you can easily continue your research and build upon what the Textbook presents to you. We are also utilizing state of the art software and tech to keep you up to date on how you're doing in every class; i.e. self-grading quizzes and exams so you get grades immediately in most of your courses, complimentary videos embedded into any text book Published by Remnant Nation Press (<<< LINK) to enhance your learning experience.

Three such videos have been embedded into the Free Textbook "CoExist?" below.

Take a look... 


Sample Course Outlines are Subject to Change Prior to Each Enrollment Period for New Students

Associate Degree
Course Outline
64 Credits

Bachelor Degree
Course Outline
64 Credits

Enrolling Soon!!

Bachelor's Degree in 1st Century

Theology and Doctrine

64 Credits

Transfer Students will be required to pass an Entrance Exam Before Enrolling


Under Construction...

1st Semester


Intro to Theology - Brief overview of the traditional 10 areas of "Systematic Theology";  Christology, Soteriology, Trinitarian Theology, Pneumatology, Mariology, Ecclesiology, Sacramental Theology, Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue, Theological Anthropology, Protology, Grace, Theological Virtues, and Eschatology. Their strengths and weaknesses, truths and fallacies, and how they stand against the plain text of Scripture in proper Hebraic Context.

3 Credits


Pneumatology -  Study of Body, Soul, and Spirit. Their relationship and function; how to subdue the soul and flesh, how to live from the "Mind of Messiah/Christ" 3 Credits

Soteriology -  A 1st Century look into the writings of the Apostles and the teaching of Yeshua/Jesus on the topic of "Salvation" and "Eternal Life". 3 Credits

Ekklesiology/Ecclesiology -  Understanding the Body as Servants, Sons, Co-Laborers, Joint-Heirs, and the Bride; how they function, their similarities and differences, and how to see from the teaching of Messiah what to expect from each individually and collectively. 3 Credits

Intro to Biblical Hebrew -  Learn the basics to reading and understanding Biblical Hebrew. Lays the foundation for a Translation Class in the next year. Optional online practicum in ancient manuscript translation. 3 Credits

Bachelor's Degree 2nd Semester

Hermeneutics - An in-depth look at the Principles of Hermeneutics and their use in a proper Contextual Exegesis of Scripture. Learn to use Hermeneutics as a plumb-line for consistently finding the original intent of the author of any given passage of Scripture. 2 Credits

Epistemology - An Overview of the general messages contained within each of the Epistles in the current canon of Scripture highlighting the passages that specifically point to the overall message within each Epistle. 3 Credits


Nature of God - ​A deep-diving study of the various perspectives on the existence of the God of the Bible; focusing primarily on Pharisaic Monotheism, Adoptionism, Universalism, Oneness, Trinitarianism 3 Credits

Christology -  Understanding the existence, life, ministry, Theology, death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua and the implications of each in the life of humanity and the believer. 3 Credits


Intro to Biblical Greek - Learn the basics to reading and understanding Biblical Greek. 3 Credits




Bachelor's Degree 3rd Semester


Angelology and Demonology -  What do Scripture and extra-biblical literature tell us about the existence and activity of supernatural beings? This course will take a precursory look into this and how they interact with human existence. 3 Credits


The Sacraments - A historical overview of the many systems of Theological thought about the sacraments of "Communion" and "Anointing with oil" paralleled with what Scripture reveals all on its own. 2 Credits

Ephesians 4 Gifts - Are they Offices, Gifts, or Both? Does it matter? Are there detrimental implications in viewing one or the other? Were they given to the "ekklesia" or to the world? Are they relevant today? If so, what would their function be? These are all important questions that deserve sound biblical answers. Let's dig into them together! 3 Credits

Tithes and Offerings - An overview of the two primary perspectives on the topic. We will dive into the original languages of Scripture and determine precisely what Scripture says on the topic. A whole new look at the symbology of favorite passages and doctrinal dogma, in order to see if Scripture says what is usually taught about "Biblical Finances".  2 credits


The Writing of God -  Taught by Dr. Miles Jones, this course will take you step by step through Jabal al-Lawz  (The Real Mt. Sinai) and help to correct the now defunct Egyptology Timeline that has previously attempted to prove the Bible is NOT an accurate historical record..3 Credits

Prayer and Worship - An introductory look at what Scripture has to say about Prayer and how it relates to Worship 3 Credits

Bachelor's Degree 4th Semester


More to come...

Associate's Degree 

in 1st Century

Theology and Doctrine

64 Credits


 Year 1 - 1st Semester



Old Testament Survey – Understanding the general intent of each book of Tanakh and how it fits into the overall scheme of the Scriptural narrative. Discover Messiah in the "Old Testament". Understand the need for Torah and get a solid foundation for its role in the current believer's life and worship of YHVH.

3 Credits

General Ed:

Public Speaking/Speech – Sermon and Lesson Delivery. 3 Credits

Psyche 101 – Triune Humanity (Spirit, Soul, and body) and the role each plays in our existence. 3 Credits


Philosophy 101 – The Name of God; does it matter? if so, how and why? 2 Credits

Earth Science 101 – Creation Design from a Hebraic Perspective. 3 Credits

Associate Degree – Year 1 - 2nd Semester



New Testament Survey – Understanding the general intent of each book of B'rit Hadashah and how it fits into the overall scheme of the Scriptural narrative. Discover the mysteries of Messiah and how He operated in the supernatural. Discover Yeshua in a way few have. 3 Credits


Humanities 102 – The roles of men and women in the Body-Bride. 2 Credits


Earth Science 102 – Creation Design from a Hebraic Perspective. 3 Credits


Psyche 102 – The Triune Design of Humanity and the role each plays in our existence. 2 Credits


Philosophy 102 – The Name of God; dive deeper into understanding the meaning of various Names for the God of the Bible and their significance. 3 Credits

Associate Degree – Year 2 - 1st Semester


Torah 201 – Understanding the purpose and content of the First 5 Books of the Bible. 3 credits


Theology 201 – Laying a foundation for a solid method of creating Sound Doctrine. 3 Credits


Structure of the Local Assemblies – Based in proper typology from the God-given Structure of a local assembly using both the “Old” and “New” Testament texts. 2 Credits


Gifts and Callings – Understanding the gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. 3 credits


Biblical Finances – Scriptural basis for understanding and applying the doctrines of Tithes and Offerings from the perspective Yeshua/Jesus would likely have had. 3 credits


History of the Bible – Understanding the struggle through which the Bible has endured as the most controversial and yet “best seller” status throughout its history. 2 Credits

Associate Degree – Year 2 - 2nd Semester



Torah 202 – Understanding the purpose and content of the First 5 Books of the Bible. 3 credits


Theology 202 – Laying a foundation for a solid method of creating Sound Doctrine. 3 Credits


Ekklesiology/Ecclesiology – An in-depth study of the purposes and callings of believers as Priests and Kings. 3 Credits


Biblical Celebrations – Covering the Feasts of YHVH, this course will compare them to the modern holidays of the Church. 3 Credits


Intimacy With Trinity – Understanding and developing you relationship with the Trinity 2 Credits


Dietary Mitzvot (rules) – Are the dietary “laws” of Exodus 23, Leviticus 11, and Deuteronomy 14 still applicable today? This course will examine and break down this topic and expose you to things you have likely never considered before. 2 Credits

Exit Exam

Associate Degree Graduation Exam - Students are required to take an exam at the end of all their courses of instruction in order to ensure they have retained the necessary material to succeed in the real world and, should they choose, to succeed in the Bachelor Program - 2 Credits

A Graduate Degree from RNU will prepare you for Global Ministry. Whether you are going into the Mission Field, working within Policitical Circles, or a lay-person wanting to understand why Global events are playing out the way they are, these programs will give you background and backbone to stand against what the enemy may throw your way.

Master's Degree
Course Outline

Doctoral Degree
Course Outline

Master of

Global Cognition

50 Credits

Transfer Students will be required to pass an Entrance Exam Before Enrolling

Under Construction...

At RNU, drawing from our extensive collective experience, we maintain a keen awareness of the intricate dynamics within organizations that wield significant Global Influence and drive Change.

In acknowledging the discreet nature of these entities, often operating in the shadows and beyond the public eye, particularly accessible only to the elite echelons of governments and their influencers, we have crafted a program that delves into this realm without resorting to conspiratorial tones.

Introducing the Master of Global Cognition, where we aim to provide Graduate Students with a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in Apologetics, equipping them to safeguard the "Faith Once Delivered to the Holy Ones."

This program entails an immersive exploration into the inner workings of the Jesus + Nothing cults, covering aspects such as their Theology (core beliefs), Doctrine (practical application), Methodologies, and overall Influence. Building a robust foundation in these areas, our curriculum then shifts to a 1st Century Theological Perspective, empowering you to intervene and rescue individuals influenced by members of these clandestine, shadow-government-type influencers.

Join us in unraveling the complexities of global dynamics, enhancing your skills to defend your faith, and becoming part of an academic journey to make you an influencer of influencers.

Enroll in the Master of Global Cognition, where knowledge meets impact, and professionalism is paramount.

Doctor of Communication

Theology and Apologetics

Transfer Students will be required to pass an Entrance Exam Before Enrolling


1st Semester

The Epistles of Paul:

Dive deeply into the Theology of Shaul/Paul and discover just how much of a 1st Century Theologian he really was. Discover his Midrashic style of teaching and learn specifically the passages he was writing about as he sent reminders to those whom he or his associates had mentored in person.

  • c. 48 Galatians 

  • c. 49–51 - Thessalonians

  • c. 49–51 - Thessalonians

  • c. 53–55 - 1 Corinthians

  • c. 55–56 - 2 Corinthians

  • c. 57 - Romans

  • c. 62 - Ephesians

  • c. 62 - Philippians

  • c. 62 - Colossians

  • c. 62 - Philemon

  • c. 62–64 - 1 Timothy

  • c. 62–64 - Titus

  • c. 64–67 - 2 Timothy

Geo-archeology -  A course designed to examine the evidence of modern Archeological and Geology discoveries to increase Hermeneutic Accuracy in understanding and explaining Scripture.

The Gospels in Chronological Order; synced with Acts and Revelation:

Using archeological, historic, linguistic, and cultural evidence(s) to determine the intentionality of the Gospels; the Ph.D. of Theology and Apologetics will learn to uncover the context of the life and ministry of Messiah while reconciling this to the eschatological words of the greatest Gospel "Revelation" using the Hebrew Eschatological writings.

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