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So you wanna' be a writer?

In all likelihood, YOU ALREADY ARE!! You've just needed someone who can produce a book from the content you've already written.


  • Do you have a Blog?

  • Do you have a Facebook page?

  • Have you written content for online magazines?

  • Do you keep an electronic file of Sermons?

  • Do you have an electronic document with your favorite recipes in it? 

  • Do you write poetry on your computer?

  • Do you send out email newsletters which chronicle your encounters, life's lessons, Biblical Insights, etc?

  • How about any other online, or electronically saved writing?


If so, you may already have a book (maybe two or more) just waiting for someone to help you put them into a manuscript for submission to a publisher as an E-Book. Perhaps even format it for print publication. Maybe even just sell on your own or give as gifts to your financial supporters!

We can do it and we offer competitive prices!!

Survey says.....

Some statistics claim that if you have been in your given field for 7 years or more YOU ARE AN EXPERT in your field!


"Consistently and overwhelmingly, the evidence showed that experts are always made, not born." (Harvard Business Review July -August 2007)


Reports say that if you have that 7 years or more experience then there are more than one million people who could benefit from your specific experience.


The projections show a trend toward increased E-Book and Total Book publication/sales growing by "more than 5 Billion US Dollars between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2021" alone. (

We Specialize in Helping Others Stand Out

We have developed a threefold method of helping you get your message and expertise to the people who are waiting for you! 


  1. Stunning Kindle Ready PDF E-Books with your choices of color scheme, stock photo cover (we have 10's of thousands of options) or a custom cover (you can provide one or we can have a graphic designer complete one for you), with or without photos/graphs/graphics you provide, links to any page or site you wish (i.e. your website or a source cited in your work)  Your E-Book is delivered to your email as an https web address which you can download from, or use the secure link for delivering your book to your customers to allow them to download it themselves (you decide)

  2. A ready for print on demand-formatted book sent to you as a cloud secured online pdf file to upload to your KDP account for Amazon sales. (We do not offer submission assistance for Print on Demand Books at this time)

  3. We can submit your E-Book to a world-leading publisher who will put it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Lightsource, and more (monthly fees apply - deducted from sales)

We realize that decisions of this sort can be extremely difficult and we have attempted to simplify the process. We suggest you take a look at the books in our slideshow by clicking on the links. Perhaps even download a few of the free ones. Then imagine how your book would look using some of the color schemes.


Each of the examples in the Slideshow, at the top of the page, is a specialty book which includes custom coloring of each page's headers and footers, some have photos placed into the text to keep a "blog-like" feel which tends to keep a reader's attention and engages them in the material. With the tens of thousands of options we have in fonts (you've witnessed a few on this page and more are in the sample books in the slideshow), plus the addition of photos, hyperlinks, citing of sources, etc, we have decided to make a few simple choices to kickstart the process for you. 


After reviewing the Slideshow examples (top of this page), see the samples linked below in the 6 optional packages, read each package description, then decide if you would like any add-ons for your E-Book project.


Using the Contact module below send us:


  1. Your concept/idea (how you envision your finished E-Book looking);

  2. The package level you're interested in (from below);

  3. A proposed color theme, if choosing this option or a package which includes it (we will match it as best we can to one of the preset color schemes in our system);

  4. If you want us to render a 3D or Flat book cover for advertising purposes (discounted if ordered when the initial order is placed); 

  5. An idea of what you want for your cover design (i.e. stock photo and standard fonts, stock photo with overlay or totally custom); 


  • Is Time Running Out for the Church - is a stock photo and standard font

  • The Two Faces of the Church - is a custom photo with standard font

  • Theology Reconsidered - is a completely custom cover design

  • Examples of 3D and Flat Covers are in the Slideshow at the top - both are hi-res can be enlarged (to an extent) or made smaller with minimal loss of resolution. Examples can be requested in your message to us below.


We will return a customized quote (not an estimate) within 5 Busines Days. It will remain good for 15 calendar days before needing to be re-evaluated. So please be certain of your choices before submitting your request for a quote Below.


If you would like to know how our books look in Kindle you can download them and change the settings to open them with a Kindle App, or just download them to a Kindle device. If you need directions for changing the settings in order to open our E-Books in a Kindle app, please go to our Bookstore (<<< link), directions are at the top of the page.


Compare our E-Books in a Kindle App or on a Kindle device, with any E-Book from Amazon, and tell us honestly which is more eye-catching and would be more pleasurable to read...

FREE with Every Package Ordered

HI there! I'm Tim Hillis, co-founder of Remnant Nation. I am so grateful you've come to our site. Please prayerfully consider letting us help you get your message out. As a show of good faith, we'll include a secure online copy of your book as a digital Flip Book complete with the realistic sound of the pages turning. a value of $20.00

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