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Every Exercise is Explained with all the necessary Details to be certain you will get the maximum benefits.


also, you get Completed "follow-along" routines and our proprietary method for knowing when your body is ready to advance to the next workout. 

Fit Nation Commercials

Fit Nation Commercials

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- Nearly 300 Exercises and 9 Weeks of Done for You Routines -


More About Our Program:

  • No Obligation Memberships starting at $4.99 

  • Videos are Optimized for Compatibility with Most Devices

  • Requires VERY LITTLE Equipment and/or Space

    • Some Exercises Feature Easy to Use Exercise Bands

      • Kits Available up to 400lbs of resistance so you CAN build size and strength in this program if that's your Goal. It's also possible to get Shredded.

      • Our Discounted Kits can be purchased for $30 - $70

  • Band Kits Fit easily into a Desk Drawer, Carry-On, or Briefcase

  • Low to No Impact

  • Gentle on Joints, Ligaments, and Tendons

*Fit Nation is a division of Remant Nation, LLC

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