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Apostle Tim Hillis and Prophet Naphtali Hillis


We are Tim and Naphtali Hillis. We recently moved back to the US from, not quite, 4 years doing ministry in China. God has given us a mission.

The details below will show you our heart on the matter. 

Please prayerfully read the info below and feel free to contact us for any questions.

With Sincere Blessings,

Tim and Naphtali

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We are establishing Home Assemblies - in the pattern used by the early Apostles. This is not new, but rather a renewed move we believe God is bringing to the forefront again and it is timely.

This is not about church planting, nor is it going to be anti-church. In fact, it's not about church at all. It's about relational ministry and seeking to bring true authority back to every member of the Body-Bride of Christ.

We are building long term relationships; to plant, train, and provide continuing education to anyone who wants to participate. We foresee Abba directing each Assembly individually and raising up the leadership, the 5-Fold, the intercessors, and etc organically as is needed for each Assembly/Congregation/Fellowship (or any other name they choose to use).

1) The first goal will be to recognize those who are called to a 5-Fold Gift, and provide personal mentoring to help them avoid the pitfalls of Western Church competitiveness (which I have now seen all over the world) and create an environment where the members of the 5-Fold Gifts learn to cooperate from a mindset of “prefer and defer” according to the Grace and Authority each “office” operates in. That takes a relationship. To defer to someone else's gift requires trust. Trust takes time, and frankly some history, to earn. We have to go through some “stuff” together to learn one another's strengths and weaknesses and cover one another where we are not strong. Cover, not cover-up. This is about working as a real team with real integrity.

2) Another goal will be to develop one another; so the time will come when a seamless ministry is operating with all 5 Gifts being equally recognized and utilized according to the needs of the local assembly/fellowship (whatever you want to call it). The label means less than the operation – but it's NOT going to be a church. If you want to know why I am so insistent about this point please go to the BLOG and read my series on the Ekklesia.

3) Still yet another goal is to make each of these fellowships a sending ministry. The goal isn't to keep building to make it as big we can. But to establish as many as Abba allows. As each becomes a sending ministry over time.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We do not teach the current status quo on Tithes and Offerings.

    • Malachi's warning was written to disobedient priests not to the “congregation” of Israel. I have a free Ebook Teaching about it on the website

  • We are not setting up the same old hierarchy seen in the modern church but not supported in the Bible.

    • I have a number of Teachings about the 5-Fold on the website as well,

    • if the Trinity are equal and cooperate, then so should the fullness of the ministry of Christ to His Body.

    • Ephesians 4 shows that Yeshua/Jesus divided His earthly ministry into 5 Gifts to humanity, if any 1 is lacking or being denied its place, then that local assembly is not getting the fullness of the ministry of Yeshua/Jesus to His Body.

  • We are not establishing these to draw people away from ANY church.

    • This will be open to anyone who wants to attend, but if they are happy in their church, they should stay there too. There is essentially nothing wrong with attending both.

  • We are not setting these up to grow a mega-anything.

    • If it happens then so be it, but we will not abandon the 3 goals above even if it does

  • We are accepting volunteers who want to host a fellowship and we will train them,

    • No Bible College or ministry training is necessary but may help

  • These will all be planting and sending ministries

    • Thus the comment about not seeking to be a mega-anything

    • We will not contain any spontaneous breakout of revival Abba sends, instead, we will carefully and reverently sustain a culture of holiness and openness to His Spirit and allow Him to guide us for maintaining the move as long as He desires

  • We hold one another to the highest of integrity and honor as our core leadership and discipleship skill

  • We make it possible for every believer to be a participant and not a spectator

    • Utilizing multiple formats for service, there will be a place for every person to participate and the Body to benefit from their gifts

  • We empower all the people, not just leadership

    • Membership to Remnant Nation Alliance is not necessary and will not qualify anyone for more assistance with their home assembly/fellowship

    • Remnant Nation Alliance is a ministry which comes along-side of ministries by providing a launching platform for reaching the world with their message

    • Membership to RNA is free, though we do receive offerings and pay tithes and offerings according to the teaching we have in the E-Book on the topic - mentioned above

  • We keep ourselves accountable, so the world doesn't have to

    • It is time the Body-Bride police itself before the world can - we need to keep one another accountable and pray one another through difficulties

  • We allow Holy Spirit to be in control of every service.

    • If He wants to take over, we let Him.

    • We teach every home assembly/fellowship to recognize Holy Spirit’s moving and direction

  • We embrace and celebrate (but not exploit) cultural differences in our worship and services

    • We have learned the distinct value that each culture can contribute to increasing and strengthening the Love of God in each community

  • We honor Shabbat and gather for worship then;

    • Each assembly/fellowship can decide if they want a Friday evening, Saturday morning or evening, or a combination

  • We celebrate the Feasts in honor of the holydays Abba put into place and promised to meet with us in special ways

  • We openly accept existing home groups, without obligation. If they want to identify more with First Century teachings in order to better understand Abba and His Word we have opened arms

    • If they wish to be a part of what God is doing within this endeavor

    • If they also believe what is being said here

    • If they can accept our Statement of Faith

    • We are willing to come and work with any pre-existing home assembly/fellowship not just those directly connected to us

    • If you currently lead a home fellowship of some kind and would like us to come to your group, but want to reamain autonomous, that's perfectly fine. This isn’t about us or building a personal kingdom, this is about building THE KINGDOM with solid Biblical Teaching in an environment which creates and fosters integrity and relational ministry as we see in the First Century Body of Christ.


We don't expect any of those hosting these assemblies/fellowships to believe exactly as we do, but the perfect match would be someone who wants to see the Body-Bride move back to First Century authority by teaching what Scripture teaches from a Hebraic perspective and without the man-made add-ons. Someone who believes it's time we move beyond the basic principles of the Doctrine of Christ, from Hebrews 6, without adding man-made theology or doctrine to do it. Instead, “rightly dividing the Word” by letting Scripture interpret Scripture and rejecting man-made ideas which have been passed on as Sound Doctrine and accepted because people haven't known any better. We will, however, need them to agree with the majority of what we believe; especially concerning Shabbat, the Feasts, and Biblical Finances.

Yeshua/Jesus was a Jewish Messiah, born to a Jewish family, raised in the Judaic religion God Himself instituted, His ministry was centered around Judaism removing the traditions of men, making God known “as He is” to mankind, then sending His followers to do the same. If it's in the Word, we believe it. Many have asked what we “are”, I've come to answer that as we are “followers of the whole Way, the entire and nothing but the Truth, and the fullness of His Life”. Because of all this, we want to lead the way to a fulfillment of Jeremiah 16:19 in our sphere of influence. We are not a ministry of Messianic Judasim, but have learned much from those who are and are deeply grateful for their contribution to our lives.

If any of this speaks to any part of your spirit, then perhaps Abba is choosing you to host an assembly or to help bring one to your area. If so, Contact me using the module below. Learn about our beliefs in our Statement of Faith – which also includes our perspective of Biblical Correction.

We are based in Missouri after spending time working with YWAM Tribal Winds in Flagstaff, AZ. Tim has committed to go anywhere a door opens and God confirms. Contact us if any of the above is your heart too.


Tim has prepared packets to send to you (Free of Charge - No Obligation), which will explain how to make this as seamless and turnkey a process as is possible. Part of this process will be training and resources which will be free most of the time, any which will require a purchase will be kept to minimum costs. In order to provide you with such training, we have established free video training resources and Remnant Nation Press through which we produce a number of free E-Books and Study resources. It’s all ready to go, and so are we.

No worthy effort for the Kingdom comes without work; but if you are in the same season we are, and are ready to see all believers in your area walking in the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, deliver those possessed and oppressed by the devil, and all the other things we are supposed to be doing naturally, then we can work together. We've now taught these things on 3 continents and reached a number of nations. Abba has allowed us to activate many people who are now seeing these things happen in their workplace, their homes, and anywhere else they choose to step into the gifts of the Spirit. It's all about showing people that our Heavenly Father loves them and His Son came to live and die for them personally – He is a personal Savior who cares enough to take their pain and heal their illness even BEFORE they accept Him!

Abba shows His love AND it is warfare when we operate in the gifts of 1 Corinthians 12. Each person we touch by His love and who comes into His Kingdom is one less subject for the principalities in that area to keep enslaved.

Tim has been seeing this as a major Move God is Bringing to take us back to where we started. It has since been confirmed by Brandon Gatson, Derrick Gates, and a number of others. The "First shall be Last and the Last shall be First" - Mathew 20 is a prophetic picture of the last hour of the Body-Bride’s ministry and Yeshua/Jesus knew we’d stray far from His simple Truth. It is humanity’s habit to change whatever God gives us and make it about us over time. We’ve been doing exactly that since the end of the First Century. Now He is returning us to our beginnings to perfect His Bride for His return. The Oil of Intimacy is being poured out and He is returning us to an understanding of relational ministry and not building the biggest building. Every leader being raised up is hungering to truly have a relational ministry. This is the vehicle He has given to us, to bring this into being with those He wants us to work with. This was His teaching to those who stayed with Him. He reveals in vs 17-19 that He would be delivered up to be killed. It was so important to Him to prophesy this into being that He made sure He took time to deliver this message to His closest friends and followers!! It is part of the human existence to be sure we try to share what is most important to us just before death. We all know this. Now we can clearly see what He was saying to them and we can run with it!

If you believe this is the Last Days Generation, then you already know what I am about to say - He is Bringing His Body-Bride back to how we started. Grab ahold of this and let’s run with it.


Habakkuk 2:2

Then the LORD answered me: Write down this vision and clearly inscribe it on tablets, so a messenger who reads it may run with it...



Are you ready?

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A Facebook Post From Brandon Gatson made After Tim Posted the Information from this page in a Closed Group on February 25.


Brandon is not a part of the group.

Brandon Gatson - Testimonial

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