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Tim Hillis. PhD Certificate of Ordination

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Tim Hillis, PhD

Tim is a dedicated and knowledgeable student of God's Word and His movement around the globe. As a leader called to do the work of an apostle, he fearlessly challenges the religiosity that has entrenched itself in the "church" culture and seeks to bring a fresh perspective on the First Century to the modern Body-Bride of Messiah. Through his articles, blogs, and messages, Tim boldly exposes the "takanot", a Hebrew word referring to the rules of religious leaders that have caused people to interpret scripture incorrectly.

Tim's Call - At the tender age of 12, Tim received his calling to ministry, which he pursued with great passion. Under the mentorship of a Spirit-sensitive pastor at Victory Pentecostal Church of God in Granite City, IL, Tim preached his first message at 13. Despite his limited knowledge, he felt the anointing flow through him to others, cementing his conviction to serve in the ministry.


Tim's Ancestry - Tim's family has a deep spiritual heritage that spans generations. From his aunt Thelma, who was an evangelist and early church planter for the Assemblies of God, to his missionary cousins who spent decades in Bogota, Columbia during its most volatile years, to his brother who completed a career as an Army Chaplain for the Assemblies of God, and a sister who served as a youth pastor for most of 20 years before going to be with YHVH too early. Their commitment to faith has left a lasting impact on Tim's life and continues to inspire him today.

God's Spiritual Lineage - Tim possesses a unique spiritual heritage that made an impression on the families of Smith Wigglesworth and A.A. Allen. While some may not subscribe to a belief in such impartations, it is noteworthy that these families recognized something in Tim that caused them to wish to take part in what Tim is doing. Tim believes that he may now be stepping into operating in what those impartations might have meant. His unique part of service to the Body of Messiah. It is also noteworthy that Wigglesworth was Torah-Positive, in his onw ways, and the interaction with Allen's family serves as a reminder to meditate on Abba's Instruction night and day to see good success.


Tim's Spiritual Training - Tim's journey in ministry has been an incredible adventure, full of challenges and opportunities for growth! After completing some of his education and serving in various positions within the Church of God, Tim felt called to a broader harvest field. He completed training in a "School of the Prophets" and attended World Harvest Bible College before receiving a call to Arizona - what an exciting opportunity! Despite personal and family difficulties, Tim persevered and found his way to the Hopi people, whom he believed had a prophetic destiny to play a positive role in end times events. Tim's heart is overflowing with passion to train believers to step into their destinies and he still has a vision to serve the Hopi in any way possible. Why not join Tim on this incredible journey?


Tim's Call to Asia - When God spoke to him about China, he had just begun to court Naphtali and felt such a burden about leaving her and before seeing his vision for Northern Arizona and the Hopi brought to fruition. It brought many questions to light. Naphtali, a gifted intercessor, and seer had a word from God one night while they were shopping in Flagstaff  “You will go and something you gain in China will be for the benefit of the Hopi”. She further explained she saw China being a launching pad of sorts which would lead to international ministry doing what God had burdened Tim to do. They married in December 2015 and served in China from January 2016 to mid-2019.. They know there is a place in Arizona where their hearts abide and they pray they may also someday serve – Hopiland. 


Tim and Naphtali are ordained by Christian International (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) under the vision of Dr. Bill Hamon. Tim completed his studies and successfully defended 2 theses for a PhD in Biblical Philosophy and Theology May 1st, 2017. 

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