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Tim Hillis. PhD Certificate of Ordination

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Tim Hillis, PhD

Tim is a perpetual student. A consummate student of God's WORD and His movement around the globe, Tim seeks to keep His spirit open and his heart listening for what Abba Father is speaking to His Body of Believers. As an apostolic leader, he is just now beginning to fully grasp the reality of his calling; to bring a fresh perspective on the First Century to the modern Body-Bride od Messiah and open her eyes to the religiosity which has buried itself deep in the "church" culture. A culture which we in the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement believed was free of man-made spirituality, but is not. In many of Tim's articles, blogs, and messages you will notice he calls this the "takanot". This is a Hebrew word referring to rules of religious leaders which cause people to interpret the whole of scripture differently than it was intended, and frankly, incorrectly.  


Tim's Call - Having received his call to ministry at the age of 12, Tim “preached” his first message at 13 after a year of mentoring by a wonderfully “Spirit sensitive” man of God who pastored Victory Pentecostal Church of God in Granite City IL, Tim was hooked. The experience of the anointing flowing through him to others, even though his knowledge was very limited, felt at home. 


Tim's Ancestry - Tim's family has a rich spiritual background; from his aunt Thelma, an evangelist and early church planter for the Assemblies of God; to missionary cousins who spent decades in Bogota, Columbia during it's most volatile years; to a brother who completed a career as an Army Chaplain for the Assemblies of God and a sister who served as a youth pastor most of 20 years before going to be with the Lord too early.


God's Spiritual Lineage - While serving other ministries, on 2 separate occasions, Tim was approached by family members of Smith Wigglesworth and A.A. Allen. They said they felt led by the Holy Spirit to give Tim an impartation from their family's spiritual heritage. Tim believes he is now stepping into operating in what those impartations, from the anointing of these forerunners of faith, means to his small part of service to the universal Body of Messiah. 


Tim's Spiritual Training - After completing licensing with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Tim completed some education and the Ministerial Internship Program through Lee University (Lee College then). Following several appointments to multiple positions such as hospitality director, youth pastor, worship director, serving on church boards and eventually a senior pastorate, Tim felt God calling him to a broader Harvest Field. He resigned his license in good standing and worked with a few fellowships filled with good men and women of God. Through these mentors, he learned a lot about humility in service. During this time he completed training in a “School of the Prophets” hosted by Prophetic Ministries International, one of the fellowships with which he was licensed. He stayed with them and did online prophetic ministry which helped develop his ability to hear God's voice. Concurrently, he was attending World Harvest Bible College. It was at WHBC that Tim received a call (with a number of confirmations) to Arizona. After settling into central Arizona Tim completed a Bachelor's degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Theological Seminary, a conservative Word of Faith school. All while working in Law Enforcement and serving in a Four Square church as Youth Pastor. After taking an early retirement several years later He relocated to Flagstaff. Flagstaff was a prophetic step into destiny for Tim. Due to personal/family circumstances, the first 4 ½ years there were extremely difficult. Tim had to decide to leave a marriage for Biblical reasons. But as God often does, He used this time to refine Tim's ability to hear Him by allowing this season to break him and leave him in a completely vulnerable place. Father God then carefully weaved Tim's life back together over several years and began opening doors to the Hopi. Beautiful people with deep spirituality, and prophetic destiny, to play a positive role in the end times. The Hopi were the reason Tim relocated his family to Arizona from Columbus, OH. God had spoken to him to take a team of volunteers west to eventually pursue a ministry in training believers to step into their destinies. Because the Hopi being 1 part of the first nations people in Arizona, and the longest continually resident in North America, Tim believed their permission, to do ministry there, was integral. He further wanted to serve them in any way which may present itself.


Tim's Call to Asia - When God spoke to him about China, he had just begun to court Naphtali and felt such a burden about leaving her and before seeing his vision for Northern Arizona and the Hopi brought to fruition. It brought many questions to light. Naphtali, a gifted intercessor, and seer had a word from God one night while they were shopping in Flagstaff “You will go and something you gain in China will be for the benefit of the Hopi”. She further explained she saw China being a launching pad of sorts which would lead to international ministry doing what God had burdened Tim to do. They married in December 2015 and are currently serving in China. They know there is a place in Arizona where their hearts abide and they pray they may also someday serve – Hopiland. 


Tim and Naphtali are ordained by Christian International (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) under the vision of Bill Hamon. Tim completed his studies and theses for a PhD in Biblical Philosophy and Theology May 1st, 2017.

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