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Check back often to see which Ministries are

Broadcasting and to Schedule your attendance!!

Instructions for Booking For In-Person Ministry: Click Schedule Booking Button for the appropriate choice. Choose your timezone. Choose the date(s) and times of the services you want to book one or both of us for. Click Next, then fill out your information and click Book It. We will contact you as soon as we can to get more details about your event and to discuss travel and accommodations.


For "Booking" In-Person: Ignore the 1hr - we book by the

meeting and rely on Love Gifts and/or Offerings

NOTE:  Remnant Nation Alliance (RNA), it's founders, affiliate ministries, partners, staff, volunteers, and any other organization or person in any way connected to RNA shall be held harmless and indemnified in the event of any misrepresentation or misconduct by any ministry represented on this or any other page of this website. User understands and accepts all liability and risk in Booking any person(s) for In-Person or Scheduling to attend any Virtual Meeting represented from this or other page(s), in any form.

~ Practicing What We Preach ~

Unity In the Midst of a Diversity Of Gifts

Remnant Nation Alliance is a platform designed to make it possible to bring a multitude of Biblical Knowledge to the Body-Bride. Each ministry on this page, and those who are members of RNA for ministry development, are self-contained and not governed by or directly overseen by RNA. Each is autonomous in nature but have chosen to be a part of the platform RNA was developed to offer for the Maturing of the Body - Bride of Christ. We may not all agree on every point of theology or doctrine, but have as a foundation the completed works of Christ on the Cross and all Scripture Offers the Believer to walk and grow in.


WELCOME! May you find all the spiritual food you need to grow in maturity

in Christ for the work of the ministry God has for you as a Believer in Messiah!!

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