Enrollment To Remnant Nation University (RNU)

is not yet open.


The School's Pages are created and the material is going to be uploaded to the pages for Associate and Bachelor Students in the very near future. please feel free to browse the material below, but do not enroll at this time.


This is simply a test of the page. We will be finalizing official Courses and prices before we launch. An online course catalog will be available so you will know exactly what to expect from each course you attend.


Criteria for grades and a sample syllabus will be part of the catalog.

We will send out a notice via

email when enrollment begins

To Enroll You Will Need Permission to Access The Necessary Pages.


Create a Login First


If You Already Have One - Login BEFORE Choosing an Enrollment Plan

If you are desiring to enroll in our 2 Year Bachelor Program after having obtained an Associate Degree from another institution, you must complete two prerequisites

  1. Use our Contact Us Email Module to Send your Transcript(s) for Review.

  2. Use the Button Below to take a short timed Entrance Exam to ensure you have the essentials necessary to be successful in the 2 Year Bachelor Program.


A Sample Exam has been posted and is an example of how your in-class quizzes, midterm, and final exams will be structured.

Please feel free to take the Sample Exam Prior to

Open Enrollment is available for RNU