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An End Times Research Paper

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Have you downloaded your Free Copy of "CoExist?" yet?

Following a single stream of End Time Events, Bible Translation; "CoExist?" exposes the evidence of a truthful plot which began in the 16th Century.

"CoExist?" reads like a modern Spy Novel. A number of plot twists and surprise cliff-hangers will keep the serious Bible Student or Studier of End Times Events on the edge of their seat.

Loaded with cited resources and providing links to all of them, this work will give your home group/assembly, Bible Study Team, ministry staff, or even just yourself tons of credible information you can read or watch (videos) that will empower your witness to those around you who may not realize just how far into Scriptural Fulfillment we have already come.

Click the Cover Pic above to be taken to a secure server to download for free. No catches or gimmicks, we won't ask for info or anything else. This book is on a protected server because of the sensitive nature of the material**; this helps protect our friends in closed nations like China from being caught when they download our materials.

**Not compatible with some versions of iPhone Safari. Seems to work fine with iPads and Mac though.

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