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Matthew 24 Decoded

Many believe Jesus Explains in Matthew 24 that a Secret Rapture will take place that no one will see coming. That it will happen "like thief in the night". But the thief in the night analogy is one that was well known and common to the "Jews" He said this to. It was about a practice the Priests had of checking up on the Levite given the overnight duty of keeping the Altar of Incense burning night and day. If the Levite was found sleeping, the priest would use the coals on the altar and place them around the clothing of the sleeping Levite. Surely, as his clothes began to burn through the Levite would awaken and have to run to a place where they could hide and get clothing. So they would be caught as if by a thief in the night and their nakedness would be exposed - Revelation 16:15. This "Hebrewism" completely discounts much of the points made in the Darby/Scofield theory of the pro-Tribulation Rapture that has become so pervasive in the Modern "Church" but cannot really be found prior to Darby and his 19th Century expositions.

This video was done as an FB live, in one take, and has a couple of reference errors which are corrected in the subtitles; but it will take you step-by-step through an exegesis of the Greek "New Testament" (more accurately labeled the Apostolic Writings). Learn what we can really expect from the words of Jesus Himself...

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