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End Times in the Eyes of the Reformers

Hello all,

There was some kind of internal error with the hosting of this video last time. I have worked long and hard to find the problem and I believe it is now fixed. If you enjoy this short trailer, or it piques your interest, click the "Go" button at the bottom to be taken to the full video.

Is it possible the Reformers understood something of Eschatology (study of the End of Days) which we have been trained by religion to overlook? Have we accepted darkness as light in the name of Ecumneical Ministry/Outreach? Is there something of the early Protestants' theology we need to understand?

As with all things, as you watch this, pray Holy Spirit will be your guide into truth and reveal anything from the full video which you should glean and apply to your own Eschatology.

Full video available:

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