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What was Jesus?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Something that is very confusing to Antinomian believers is that the Pro-Torah Movement making mass exodus from the Church, Christianity, and Churchianity isn't doing so because they have abandoned "Jesus". They cannot grasp why anyone would go "backwards" to get closer to a God whose revelatory knowledge is progressive. They cannot understand why anyone would leave a church community to connect with people across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles to follow "The Law" we are supposed to be freed from. I have learned a simple way to help them understand, though not all will immediately accept it, it does reach many. I tell them some variation of the following: "The written Word (which is the scholastically accepted meaning of logos) made flesh, which John 1 speaks of, can only be one written "WORD" to a 1st Century Hebraic society. John (or those who may have translated this Gospel into Greek) chose "logos" quite strategically. Torah was the primary portion of God's message to the nation of Israel, and through them the rest of the world, that each male citizen was expected to learn by age 12. While women may not have gotten a formal education by the apparently misogynistic rabbinic class, it is obvious many found ways to become educated to varyng degrees. So from this perspective when I say Torah, I am not referring solely to the 5 books penned by Moses under the inspiration of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). Though it may not be apparent, when I say Torah I am also mentioning my Savior Yeshua." We need to learn to be more like Shaul/Paul when it comes to communicating to people in a way they can receive. We probably won't ever get to the place where we say it right every time, but it certainly never hurts to try to bridge the gap.

MOST Christians believe everything should point to and glorify "Jesus", and while we may prefer to use His Hebraic Name, the principle itself is absolutely correct. So when we speak of Torah, and most of us do on a regular basis, they need to be helped to understand we are not taking any glory from Him or elevating Torah above Him. But rather we are acknowledging they are one and the same, and like John (Yochanan) we are acknowledging His eternal existence as the Living Torah.

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