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Was Messiah a Poor Public Speaker?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Many might be tempted to take offense at the title of this mini-blog, but consider this; many Bible Versions/Translations aren't very precise in the words they choose when quoting Yeshua/Jesus. They take for granted that they, as the producer of the final product, somehow know "the real meaning" of what was being said. As if Messiah had a hidden agenda in every discourse, or wasn't an adequate public communicator. But those same people don't seem to take into account the Hebraic mindset, methods of teaching, means of communication, or the progression of thought involved in a discourse. As time has continued marching us away from the timeframe of Messiah in the flesh and 1st Century Believers in the Way, this has become an ever increasing problem. So a "Close Enough" mindset has apparently settled into English Bibles.

Messiah was "Jewish", by modern reckoning. He was educated and trained by rabbis until age 12, possibly longer, like any other boy of His CULTURE. That culture permeated everything He did, how He thought, spoke, and yes even how He TAUGHT. This becomes extremely evident when one learns to read Scripture in context. In order to do this, it does require knowing the culture and not excluding it as we read His discourses. We also need to understand at least a modicum of linguistics and what the Hebrew/Aramaic may have been orally spoken by Him despite what the Greek or the English versions say.

This can be done more easily than most might think; we just have to know the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) enough to see the references, semi-quotes, and direct quotes being made from them.

Sadly, most feel this is too difficult. Many of those also say Keeping Torah is impossible, though Scripture says otherwise. To those I propose the following question. How many "laws" from your township/city, county/province, state, and country do you keep daily without ever thinking about it, just because you desire to be a good citizen? Here is one more; how many countries have you visited and never broken a law, even without knowing their laws?

Is YHVH so terribly mean and arrogant that He would create such impossible rules and instruction for you?

Messiah gave perfect examples of how to live according Abba's Will. He taught principles on the application of Abba's Will throughout His life. But somehow we miss a LOT of those principles and frankly, some of it is just because of the Biblical Naiveté described above. This is sadly, largely due to church culture excluding Messiah's Cultre when they teach about Him or on His teaching(s).

This blog will focus on one aspect of WHY Biblical Naiveté is rampant in the Body.

Let's Look at an Example of the "Close Enough" Approach...

I'd like to present you with an important thought, and hopefully, provoke your own thoughts on the matter in this mini-blog.

Many reading the Bibles made nowadays should probably look up Scriptures in much older versions than they might prefer to read. If they don't, then they may very well get a white-washed version and not even realize it. Or worse, a completely camouflaged and misleading perception of what's being said.

I'm not saying to become a KJV-only fanatic. Let's just clear that up right away. I'm saying that Bibles 👉like👈 the KJV 1611 used the vernacular of their day which over time meant something else and was changed; that change also changed over time and was written as something else; and so on. Sadly, on some occasions, all translated Bibles miss the mark on some words and use a "close enough" attempt that is often based on personal bias. YES, the KJV did this too.

This is precisely why I advocate using multiple translations and versions in study and doing it as a matter of habit, not just occasionally. At least until you can read and understand the originals for yourself.

As an object lesson let's look at some versions of Mark 7:22 and then see why one or another may be more revealing of the original intent of the author to the original audience, than the others.

Take a long look at the various versions/translations in the first pic. Notice how some just jump from non-sex-related topics and then slam "lasciviousness" or "lustful desires" in there? It's suspect because they only include a very broad statement with no actual direction. Lust over our own spouse is not a sin, but by this close enough version, that's a no-no... Scripture never leaves us without context, yet this seems to.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

This is the "close enough" approach often used when translators/paraphrasers didn't really get what was being said. Messiah had already covered specific "sexually related" topics in the immediately previous verses. Why come back to the topic with a broad statement after giving several specific ones? Why put it innthe middle of completely unrelated topics? Going back to sexual sin is clearly out of place in this conversation where "lasciviousness" or "lustful desires" is put there by many translators or paraphrasers.


Take a look at the pic with the white background, then the one with the black background. This is why learning "archaic" definitions of words can be so very vital to CONTEXT.

Mark 7:22 is clearly Messiah endorsing a Torah Obedient lifestyle and pointing out that going against such is non-conventional, or in our vernacular "not even socially acceptable". But the English will totally miss this without going back to the archaic definitions of words used in early English translation work.

This is how Scripture is to impact society and cultures. NOT through the overtaking of the "7-Mountains Mandate", as propagated by Kingdom Now Theologians and Dominionists, which is 'by any means needed' as is the commonly taught and misdirected narrative of most of Christendom now. This is NOT the same as was shown to Loren Cunningham and the late Dr. Bill Bright in a mutual vision they each independently had the very week they met for the first time.

We will be extensively covering the BIBLICAL strategies for impacting the world the way the 1st Century believers did in the Master's program at It will not be through world domination, but by living according to His Kingdom's Rules and watching as HE ADDS to His Ekklesia, such as should be the case. There is a supernatural impact coming that will put T.O. Believers in Messiah in places of power and authority, but it will most likely not look anything like what we are seeing attempted now in the church, nor will it be like most are expecting!!

Consider earning your graduate degree with RNU and join us in a 1st Century Approach to being the change-makers most of Christendom now claim to be, but fall short of because they are really the least in the Kingdom, just as Messiah said they would be in Matthew 5. HIS WORDS, NOT MINE...

I know many are exhausted from years of study and feel that to be told they have been steered down the wrong path is arrogant or even heretical. But please keep in mind that I changed my path after over 2 decades of being on that same wrong path. It wasn't until I asked Him to show me if I was incorrect in the ways I was taught to believe, when He showed me even the research methods I was using also were. Because they completely ignore His CULTURE, His Language, His People.

It was extremely humbling when He began asking me to ask msyself things like:

1) If Gentile believers are grafted to Israel (Romans 11) why don't you do as they did?

2) Why doesn't the church accept John's definition of sin in 1 John 3:4?

3) If walking in the way of sinners is bad, and we are told to walk as Jesus walked, then why doesn't the church do that? Do they not see everything He taught came from Torah and not one thing was actually new?

4) If Mark 16:17 & 18 are the signs of believers in Jesus, then why will MANY who do those things get told He never knew them just because they are a'nomia (without Law)?

Plus many more, but those can wait for another time...

I earnestly pray blessings over each of you. In return, will you please prayerfully consider asking Him if there is any truth in what we produce at Remnant Nation? Then willingly, even if reluctantly, dig it out and see? 🙂

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