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A Beautiful Encounter

Ecclesiastes 9:10 - Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all your might...

As many of you may have seen on Facebook already, our Pesach Shabbat was a wonderful time with blended tradition and impactful worship. In the pictures below you can see the AMAZING JOB Naphtali did in organizing the decor. She and Felicia (another YWAM Tribal Winds staff member and precious prayer warrior) spent time daily for a number of weeks in worship and prayer, in the base where we held the event. Without a doubt, their intercession over various things also contributed to the atmosphere of Abba's Glory which we all got to experience.


Pics Will Change Every 5 Seconds

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The sweet presence of our Heavenly Father flooded the building and made such a powerful impression on each of us. The DTS students, the staff, and all were moved by how personal the experience became. Some cried, others were moved to silence, some kneeling, some face down on the floor - it's really difficult to put into words. Our Father did as He promised, when He instituted the Feasts as appointed times and seasons, to meet with His people in a special way.


To see all the graphics which help explain how Yeshua/Jesus' Baptism prophetically connects all of us (remember the Spring Feasts and all of His life are connected) to the original "Passover" which is more than just the Exodus, see this VIDEO on YouTube.

Please forgive the intermittent sound issues, they are pretty short, but there are a few. As we are able to upgrade our equipment, the audio will be clear throughout videos even with the wind issues we had on this day. OH, by the way, the video can also be a template for doing Shabbat Blessings if you are looking for those. It includes the Shabbat blessings mentioned in the photo descriptions and also blessings of parents over children.

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  • Speaking at "Daughter of the Kings" Conference on Intimacy with God in Adversity

  • Taking YWAM Tribal Winds' DTS Students to Lakota-Sioux Reservation for a week as Outreach in S. Dakota

  • Starting Home Groups in Flagstaff and at Hopi*

  • Connecting with Ministry Partners in Colorado

  • Continuing to Build Toward the Opening of the University**

  • Possibly more as May approaches

* Some of you may have seen the document Tim put on Facebook to explain a part of our vision for this season. It details the plan Abba gave to him for planting Home Assemblies to supplement ministry people may already be receiving in their churches. The goal is also to reach those who are unchurched and unwilling to go to a church for any reason. Further, to give people wishing to observe Shabbat and the Feasts an outlet to do so in small, non-judgmental settings and so that relational ministry can be restored to those who feel they need such a setting to fill that need. If you wish to read that document it can be found HERE.

** There are many details and hoops to jump through to properly launch our University within University of the Nations YWAM. Our current plan is to continue learning the necessary policies and procedures, video some of the teachings we do (for use as online virtual classroom lessons), and create pages within our website to accommodate the courseware. Tim has discovered a way to put our quizzes and exams online and link to them directly within any video to make it professional, less complicated, and most important cost-effective. This will help us to keep the cost of attending our virtual courses affordable for most (maybe some day all) people who are interested and hungry for what we do. Once our costs are covered on a regular basis, we hope to be able to offer scholarships up to 100% so EVERYONE who wants to can attend.


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