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Reminder: Hebrew Yeshua or the Greek Jesus?

Don't forget about our upcoming Live Event. Many who have heard this material before have said it contained missing keys, or pieces of the puzzle that filled in gaps in their understanding. Some of those have also said that it increased their faith by leaps and bounds. This isn't just some intellectual or academic explanation of a difference in perception. It's about the very personality and culture we live in as Christians or Messianic followers of the Jesus of the Bible. Trust me, much of what we'll cover probably isn't what you expect...

I've been planning to do a more recent teaching on this for some time now. The last time was some years ago. This topic just so happens to be a perfect follow-up to the Red Dragon teaching since, as we discussed, one quality of the Red Dragon is that it is an aberration from the natural order God has established. It is akin to Leviathan of Job 41. It twists, manipulates, and changes the natural order of societies, people groups, and even the Body of Christ. So, we will follow this up with some solid Bible-Based discussion on how to untwist what perhaps we've learned that wasn't quite from the intended perspective of the writers.

This dilemma has caused a lot of division and animosity in the Body-Bride for a long time. Let's reason together and lay some of that to rest.

Some say that it's all semantics because "Jesus" is just the transliteration (letter by letter translation) of the Hebrew Yeshua from the Greek Iesous.

Is it really just that simple? Or is there more to it?

Are there other considerations to think about?

Let's discuss it in my next LIVE Event.

We'll consider the possible results of a differing perspective

and discuss which of them even matter.

Is there a difference in how we understand His ministry in Scripture

and how He interacts with us now? Or how we interact with Him?

Does it really even matter if we perceive Him from a

different perspective than the writers of Scripture intended?

How does that affect the ways in which we serve Him practically now...?

It really does matter, but probably not in the way(s) you think, let's discuss it.

I've been able to activate a Chat within

LIVE Events so, this can be fully interactive.

Subject: Hebrew Yeshua or Greek Jesus

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019 (China, Africa, and Europe) or

Friday, January 25, 2019 (USA, Canada, and Mexico)

Time:11pm (USA Eastern Time) or

8pm (USA Pacific Time) or

12noon (China GMT +8 hours) or

5am (CET/Central European Time) or

4am (CAT/Central Africa Time)

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receive notice of your registration we will approve it and you're all set. Just go

back to the page (use the link below if you want to) in time for the event next week.

There's nothing to it and it requires very little computer experience.

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