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Our Purpose - PLEASE READ

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

There is something which has been on my heart for some time now and it is a little difficult to articulate. So I've decided instead of explaining what, I'll just explain why.

The world of ministry is truly diverse. I think we can all agree on that regardless of background and/or our current 'place' in our relationship with Abba YHVH. There arguments on the Name of God, Pre-Trib/Mid-Trib/Post-Trib/No-Trib, the Noachide Laws, Immersion or Sprinkling, and SO MUCH MORE! Let me be blunt for just a moment. Please don't be offended by this, but it is not the focus of Remnant Nation to definitively settle and provide the singular absolute truth for all the theological dilemmas the world and the Body of Messiah faces.

Our goal, where all these things are concerned, is to provide a platform where people can find a diverse group of children of the Most-High so that people of all walks of life can come here and find a way to read from multiple authors, watch videos from multiple ministries, listen to podcasts from several believers, attend live online meetings from many ministries, etc all in one place. The one thing we require is that they can accept the majority of our Statement of Faith which you can find by clicking the E-Book Picture below.

Please know that while we spend time getting to know every person we have invited and will invite to be contributors on our site in some capacity or another, we aren't looking for perfect Theology or Doctrine. We are looking for hearts attuned to the full counsel of Scripture; those searching for what Scripture truly says and not just the Western Church or Denominational Eisegesis.

Eisegesis /eyezəˈjēsis/
When a reader imposes their interpretation of the text. Exegesis tends to be objective; and eisegesis, is highly subjective. The plural of eisegesis is eisegeses (/ˌaɪsɪˈdʒiːsiːz/). Someone who practices eisegesis is known as an eisegete (/ˌaɪsɪˈdʒiːt/); this is also the verb form.

The purpose is to provide light on a number of subjects through the Exegesis of many counselors for the purpose of Hermeneutic Consensus.

ex·e·ge·sis /ˌeksəˈjēsis/ noun
The critical explanation of a text, especially of scripture.

For more on the above and how the majority of contributors on this site conduct their study (personal variations notwithstanding) Click the Pic below and read the short article (9 Minute Read).

For the Body of Messiah to get back to what was truly taught by the Apostles of the First Century we must weed through a lot of baggage. In our assessment, this is the reason for all the "in fighting" among various Restorationist Groups as mentioned above.

Restorationism (or Christian primitivism) is the belief that Christianity has been or should be restored along the lines of what is known about the apostolic early believers, which restorationists see as the search for a purer and more ancient form of pure and undefiled religion.

This is another purpose of Remnant Nation's mission to provide a single platform or meeting place for multiple avenues of Exegetic studies to be presented and subjected to Hermeneutic Scrutiny by the thousands of visitors the site receives each year. So PLEASE don't just take any one author's word for it on any topic. Dig it out. Scripture clearly tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15 that a mature worker in the Kingdom knows how to rightly divide the word of truth and weed through the religion they have been handed and see what is correct and what is not (paraphrased of course). Acts 17:30 makes it abundantly clear that Abba once winked at ignorance but calls us all to repent of our ignorance and take responsibility for learning for ourselves. The day of the talking heads leading the Body of Messiah is over and we really must get serious about preparing ourselves for what lies ahead. Which, as we have seen repeatedly this year, is likely to not look anything like what we have been taught it would, and yet Abba never fails to fulfil His Word PERFECTLY.

As you utilize the material on this site, please take into consideration that revelation is progressive and the contributors are also still learning. We currently have about 7 authorized contributors to the site. Some are very active and some are still a little hesitant about jumping in. They will soon enough and it will be a wonderful addition, even if some do not fully agree with everything they say. That's normal. We are all in different places in our walk and growth in Messiah. I am totally ok with someone disagreeing with something I believe I have found in my exegesis of a topic, passage, etc. I don't harshly judge them for the disagreement and expect the same in return. They may be further in their revelatory understanding of it than I am and frankly it could be vice versa. So I always ask them if they have verified my research using the links provided or sources listed.

I am passing that same request on to each of you. Please prayerfully dig out anything anyone says on this site before deciding whether or not they are correct. Then, if you feel there is legitimate error(s), use the Contact Module on the Contact Us page and I will put you in touch with them. As long as your exchange with them remains respectful and polite (and that goes both ways not just for you but also for the Site Contributors), I will stay out of it. If not then we will use the Matthew 18 model for determining how to proceed.

We love all of you and want to see this community grow into a shining example of Cooperation in Christ, a beacon that others can use to find Him, and a model for other ministries to follow. We can only do this if we truly are after the Heart of our God more than the need to be correct.

It is, after all, all about Him; right? - Tim Hillis, PhD

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