LUCIFER: The Deceiver

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

…for even satan masquerades as an angel of light. ~2 Corinthians 11:14 (TLV)

Whenever people today are asked what the devil looks like, they have been trained by religion and modern culture to imagine a humanoid being with red skin, a tail, and horns on its head. It is the standard image today of what is considered “demonic”. In like manner, if asked to imagine an angel people often picture a man or woman with long, flowing hair, wearing white garments, and bearing wings covered in white feathers. But how accurate are these depictions in comparison to what The Bible says?

The Bible describes Satan appearing as an angel of light. In like manner, if you read some of the descriptions of angels in The Bible, they are creatures that are much more fierce sounding than the modern picture we often see of the devil as described above. Some angels are described as having four faces: the face of a lion, an eagle, a bull, and a man. Others are described as having eyes covering their body entire.

Now, let’s think about this logically for a minute. We know that Satan is described by our Messiah as a liar and the father of lies. Have you ever stopped to consider that the images we have formulated of angels and devils today are actually a lie that Satan has concocted so that we cannot identify him when he comes in to deceive?

Now let’s take things just a step further. Have you ever taken the time to think that the devil, of whom Scripture says comes in appearance as an angel of light, might take the form of, say, a Christian? Have you ever pondered the idea that the door greeter shaking your hand when you walk into a Church, the usher that helps you find a seat, or the people singing on the platform “leading worship” are, in fact, devils? And what about the “pastor” of the Church?

Now I am certainly not implying that everyone who claims adherence to the Christian faith or attends a Christian Church is a devil. But there are devils in Christianity and attending Churches, The Bible is very clear that it is so. Yeshua spoke a parable about a man who planted a field of wheat and then an enemy came in and scattered tares among his wheat. It was determined that the tares needed to grow together with the wheat and be separated out at the time of harvest. This is a picture of the Body of Messiah. There are tares in every Church throughout the whole of Christianity, and in many places today the tares far outnumber the true Believers.

Do you want to find out who the devils are in a Church? Start with the leadership. Start with the most committed volunteers. Remember, the devil’s job is to deceive. How better to deceive than to take on the roles of the leaders and most committed people in a Church body? These, after all, are the people who have the trust of the congregation as a whole. It is very easy to deceive people when you are established as a leader in a Church or when you are that person who is always giving 110% to the “work of the ministry”.

Just ask them about something in The Bible that is not all that well accepted in modern Christianity. Ask those leaders and committed ministry volunteers about such things as the food laws or The Sabbath. Their response will tell you whether or not they are sold out to God or submitted to religion and the devil.

Doctrines Of Demons

Now the Ruach clearly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, following deceitful spirits and teachings of demons through the hypocrisy of false speakers—whose own conscience has been seared. ~1 Timothy 4:1-2 (TLV)

In order to identify a doctrine or teaching of demons, you have to understand that devils are liars. Therefore you must first know what is the truth, and from there you can identify a lie. If you do not know what is the truth, then you cannot know when you are being lied to. John 8:32 tells us that when we know the truth, it is the truth that will set us free. Sometimes we fail to look at passages like that with the opposing thought, because it’s not written in Scripture. If the truth is what sets us free, then it is lies that have us bound.

Psalm 119:142 says: “Your justice is righteousness forever, and Your Torah is truth.” The Torah is the primary truth of The Bible. Torah simply means “instruction”, so when God gives an instruction that instruction is the truth. The devil is on a mission to convince you to do the opposite of Torah, and he lies to you to get you to do that. We need only turn to the third chapter of Genesis to see this, when the serpent asked that infamous question: Hath God said?

The question of the serpent is the question of Satan himself. It is the question that asks you to go against an instruction of God. Did God really say not to eat the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden? Did God really say not to eat pork and shellfish and unclean things? Did God really say to keep The Sabbath? Did God really say to honor your parents? Did God really say you need to celebrate the Spring and Fall Feasts? Did God really say not to take the ways of paganism and turn it into Yahwism—those of you who celebrate Christmas and Easter? Did God really say not to get tattoos on your body? Did God really say not to wear wool and linen together? Did God really say homosexuality, adultery, incest, and bestiality are an abomination? Did God really say not to lie? Did God really say not to steal?

The doctrines of devils are always based in the questioning of God’s commandments, His Torah, because His Torah is truth. If someone tells you that you don’t really have to follow something that is plainly commanded in Torah that person is doing the work of the devil. I am not saying they are a devil, though they very well may be. But at the very least they have allowed themselves to be influenced by a devil—or possibly multiple devils—that have convinced them to tell people they don’t have to follow that commandment.

I have watched people who were once the standard-bearers of biblical holiness do a complete 180-degree turn around and teach acceptance and compromise. One I have mentioned at times in the past used to preach, among other things, against getting tattoos in harmony with Leviticus 19:28—the clear commandment of God. But because one of his children wanted to start getting tattoos he decided to change his entire theology and go with the interpretations that throw out the clear commandment and read into Scripture whatever justifies the actions. This man is full of the devil and needs to repent.

Look, the moment you think you have “studied out” a matter and concluded it is acceptable to do it in complete contrast to a clear commandment is the moment you open that door to anything and everything else that can be deemed sin in The Bible. When that man decided to reject Leviticus 19:28 and start getting tattoos, he took a step that could easily lead to other things. There is no prohibition against drinking alcohol, for example, in Scripture. There appears to be prohibition against drunkenness, but just recently I heard this same preacher—the one getting all the tattoos—claim that on the biblical festival of Purim God permits or even instructs His people to get inebriated. Is this man moving toward a life of drunkenness? Was that door opened when he got his tattoos? Or what about polygamy? My friend and fellow Bible scholar David Wilber covers this matter very well in his book Is God A Misogynist? But The Bible shows many of Israel’s patriarchs, kings, and others with multiple wives and concubines. Could this preacher, having drawn a similar conclusion about tattoos, be on a path toward some form of multiple sex partners? This is, after all, how Satan works in the life of a Believer. He starts with things religion deems petty and insignificant, like tattoos, the food laws, or wearing a mixture of wool and linen, then before you know it you are embracing all manner of wickedness.

I have even witnessed people who preached with boldness in the past change their stance on homosexuality simply because of family members, in some cases even their own children, have chosen to embrace a homosexual lifestyle. You don’t have to compromise the truth because of someone else, even someone in your own family that you are close to. If your son or daughter decides to stray from Scriptural truth found in Torah, that is their problem, not yours. Don’t you dare bow down to the doctrines of devils for the sake of someone close to you. The reality is that when someone close to you starts to deviate from the truth of Torah is when they need you to stand that much more firm in that same truth. The moment you compromise for their sake is the moment you may have sent them to hell for all eternity. Maybe you won't cross into drunkenness or sexual perversions, but your willingness to compromise with them on something like getting a tattoo might be what causes them to cross those lines. And, biblically speaking, their blood will be on your hands.

I’ve known more than my fair share of “Church-gossips” in my lifetime. When I was a child we attended a Calvinist Baptist Church, where I often heard the Church women gossiping about some other Church person or even the Pastor. And when one Pastor apparently had an extramarital affair, well that sure was the hot topic! But far more dangerous to the body of Messiah than things like “Church-gossip” are the doctrines of devils that tell you there is no need to follow that commandment.

Let me share with you just how subtle and just how crafty Satan can be in presenting the lie built on his question: Hath God Said? I heard a Pastor recently teaching his Church to keep the biblical Feasts. That seems like it would be a good thing. He was talking about building sukkahs during the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). He was explaining how Jewish people in Israel and in the local Jewish part of town do this every year. But then he said something interesting—he told the congregation gathered in his presence that he isn’t saying that they need to build a sukkah.

Now, technically, he may be correct. There is a very strong argument that the commandment to build a sukkah only applies, as a commandment, to native-born Israelites who actually live in the land of Israel. And had the Pastor pointed that out, there may not have been much of an issue. But by telling them they don’t have to obey the clear commandment of Torah without clarification, he crossed into a doctrine of devils, because all his Church heard was: We don’t have to celebrate the Feasts the way Torah tells us to, we don’t have to do things God’s way, we can celebrate them however we want to. He essentially told his Church that they don’t even really have to celebrate the Feasts at all except to give some monetary offering by his confusing the second tithe with the third tithe and not understanding, apparently, that the tithe/offering associated with keeping the Feasts is the food you eat and give honor to God with as a thanksgiving offering for His provision. But then that may be why he told his Church they don’t have to build sukkahs, so that they would also think they don’t have to have a feast, at the Feast of Tabernacles, and just give money to his ministry.

And let me clarify real quick here. I am not at all saying it’s wrong to give money into the work of ministry. Neither am I saying it’s wrong to give a monetary offering as part of your celebration of one of the biblical commanded Feasts of Yahweh. My point is that it is very misleading, a demonic deception perhaps, to tell people not to do what The Bible says while telling them to do something The Bible never says. Additionally, if you are not celebrating the Feasts God’s way first, then your monetary offering is just a religious ritual that is meaningless to God because you have tried to swap it out with the actual commandment. You must give God the offering He asked for, the food offering of the Feast (Numbers 28:2, 24), first before considering some extra-biblical offering.

Who Is Your Father?

Yeshua said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for from God I came and now I am here. For I have not come on My own, but He sent Me. Why don’t you understand My speech? Because you’re not able to hear My word! You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks lies he is just being himself—for he is a liar and the father of lies.” ~John 8:42-44 (TLV)

Notice that Yeshua starts here by saying that if God—Yahweh—is your Father you would love Him [Yeshua]. John 14:15 records Yeshua as saying: If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. Then in verse 21 He follows it up with: He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me.

Then, back to John 8, He goes on to say in verse 44 that those He was addressing—and many in Christian Churches today for that matter—are of their father the devil. He then points out that there is no truth in the devil. Remember what we looked at a moment ago? Your Torah is truth (Psalm 119:142). In other words, we could say of the devil: There is no TORAH in him. Look what Scripture says is the sign of those who are born again under the new covenant:

I will put My Torah within them. Yes, I will write it on their heart. I will be their God and they will be My people. ~Jeremiah 31:32 (TLV)

I will put My Torah into their mind,     and upon their hearts I will write it. And I will be their God,     and they shall be My people. ~Hebrews 8:10 (TLV)

This is the covenant that I will cut with them:

‘After those days,’ says Adonai,     ‘I will put My Torah upon their hearts,     and upon their minds I will write it,’ ~Hebrews 10:16 (TLV)

Over and over again the statement is emphasized that in the new covenant those who are born again receive the Torah in their mind and on their heart. Of the devil, there is no Torah in him. If you are of God, if He is your Father, you will be filled with Torah. If you are of the devil, if he is your father, you will not.

Now, here’s the thing: A partial truth is a whole lie. There are 613 commandments in Torah, according to most scholars. While about half of these apply only to Levite priests and duties within the Jerusalem Temple, and some are specific to other things such as commandments only for Israel’s kings, we will use the entire list for simplicity for a moment. Let’s say that you kept every commandment in Torah except for one—you follow 612 of the 613. It could be that you don’t keep The Sabbath, it could be that you eat unclean meats (pork, shellfish, rodents, etc.), it could be that you do not honor your father and mother, or anything else commanded in Torah. At that point you are a Torah-breaker. That means that you are of your father the devil, because the whole Torah is not in you.

James 2:10 says: “For whoever keeps the whole Torah but stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all.” A lot of people like to use this verse to say that it’s impossible to keep Torah and make it a proof-text for their misinterpretation of grace. But that is not contextually accurate to the message of Scripture. From cover to cover the message of Scripture is a message of obeying Father’s Torah. You can find out more about this in my article Torah: The Foundation Of All Truth.

Believing The Lies

Satan is depicted in The Bible as the greatest of all liars. This should be something that Christians take serious, but in my observation very few actually do. If the devil is such a great liar, one thing we must consider is that the concept of Christianity followed by most Christians today is a creation of Satan himself.

Now, I don’t want to dive too deep into things like the Constantine corruption. While events like that are clearly at the foundation of the deception, there is not a lot we can do about that today aside from educating Believers and hoping that they are willing to receive the truth.

I want to look for a moment at the two most popular “holidays” in most of modern Christianity: Christmas and Easter. Yes, I realize I speak about these days often and have already put out a lot of good information about (and against) them. But I want to consider them for a moment from the perspective of a Christianity created by Satan, where people have become convinced that celebrating “holidays” rooted in other religions is the “Christian thing to do” and that rejecting the Feasts spoken of in Scripture, that even Yeshua Himself celebrated, is also the “Christian thing to do”.

Think about that for a moment. What I just told you is that what Christians do today is reject what is in The Bible and embrace what comes from other religions, and they actually believe this is the right thing to do as a Believer in Yahweh, a follower of Yeshua, and a recipient of the Holy Spirit. If that is not the work of Satan I don’t know what is!

Ann-Marie Gallagher writes books about Wicca, the religion of practicing witches. According to a biography I looked up about here, she is an “author, historian, feminist, witch, and a former senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in England.” So, since she is herself both a practicing witch and was a senior lecturer in a higher education setting, she is what we can call a reliable subject matter expert. Recently I happened upon one of her books: Wicca For Everyday Living: The Definitive Guide To Magic And The Craft. The term “the craft” is how Wiccans refer to the practice of witchcraft. What I am going to share with you here are excerpts taken directly from her book (emphasis added as bold italics).

Yule – The Winter Solstice

Sometimes called midwinter, Yule marks the shortest day and, since the worst days of winter are usually to follow, is more accurately ‘mid-year’. The sixteenth-century poet John Donne called this time ‘The year’s midnight’, when ‘The world’s whole sap is sunk’. However, Yule carries with it a paradox – just as the winter solstice commemorates the annual demise of the Sun’s powers, it witnesses its rebirth. This is why Yule is known as ‘Sun-return’.

Yule is a time when the Goddess labors to bring forth the Star Child, and in fact Yule was called ‘Mothernight’ by our northern European ancestors. For witches who celebrate God and Goddess, this is the Solar God who, by the time of Ostara, will grow into the young man who impregnates the young, fertile aspect of the Goddess, and another Star Child who will succeed him the following Yule.

However we see it, the symbolism of this solar rebirth is mirrored in our celebrations. At the darkest time, when the earth seems bare and forlorn, we bring evergreens into our homes – holly for protection, ivy for the faithful promise that life endures, mistletoe for fertility. In the first days of winter, these remind us that Earth will be green again.

Ostara – The Vernal Equinox

Ostara marks the vernal (meaning youthful) equinox – a time of balance between daylight and darkness, the point before day is longer than night. It falls in the Christian season of Lent in the northern hemisphere, which itself comes from the Anglo-Saxon word, referring to the ‘lengthening’ of days.

The festival of Ostara is also a celebration of growth and derives its name from a German goddess whose totem was the hare.

We are all familiar with the saying, ‘Mad as a March hare’. It comes from observations of their mating behavior at this time of year, as the animals appear to ‘box’ and leap about in the fields. In fact, hares are no more crazy in their behavior in March than at any other time of the year; it is just that the grass is still short enough in March for their antics to be visible! The hare is seen as prolifically fertile and many Moon goddesses linked with women’s reproductive cycles share it as a totem of earthy sexuality and fecundity. Today’s Easter Bunny is a bowdlerized descendant of this early pagan fertility symbol, but is nonetheless regarded with fondness by witches who recognize it as a modern remnant of a cherished ancient tradition.

Eggs have been linked with this time of the year for thousands of years. This enduring, pre-Christian symbol of fertility, renewal and the life-force inspires pagans today to celebrate by decorating eggs for the Ostara celebrations. Sometimes these hollow, painted eggs are hung on a branch placed in the centre of our sacred spaces. This is a branch thrown by the winter or early spring winds and should never be cut from a living tree. As the eggs represent ‘life-in-potential’, we magically imbue them with wishes we hope will manifest during the coming summer.

Samhain Journey

This is the first of a set of seasonal visualizations intended to help you celebrate specific festivals. You can undertake these journeys individually or nominate a member of your group to lead you through these path-workings. You will notice that Yule and Ostara are missing; these have been appropriated to some extent by Christianity and by secular society. The challenge is to construct your own inner journeys for these festivals, in order to help you encounter an authentic ‘Yule’ and ‘Eostre’.

If you don’t see what all of this is saying, let me try to help enlighten you. Yule/Christmas and Ostara/Easter are the original festivals of those who practice witchcraft. While Christmas appears to have some roots in the Roman festival of Saturnalia as well, it should be most concerning that modern Christmas traditions—including so much of what is being done by Christians—is the practice of Wiccans and their witchcraft religion.

Even the website for the Church of Satan says that Christians stole Christmas from pagans and that “The Nazarene” (a clear yet derogatory reference to Yeshua) has little place in the general public’s celebration of this holiday. The sad reality is the Satanists are telling the truth here. They may worship the ultimate liar, but they still have enough sense to know that Christianity has long embraced what really belongs to their god, the devil.

Satan has literally become successful at creating a religion that today is the claimed faith of one-third of the world’s total population that believes they are following The God of The Bible when in reality they are worshiping the enemy of their professed God. They call this false religion Christianity, but it is clearly NOT the faith we find described in The Bible.

I am not saying that the terms Christian or Christianity are wrong. I am, however, saying that what most practice under the banner of these terms is a blatantly false religion that celebrates Satan’s festivals instead of Yahweh’s Feasts among many other errors that violate Torah. In her book, Gallagher refers to the eight celebrations as Sabbats. Does that sound familiar at all? It should, as The Bible refers to the seven Feasts of Yahweh as the High Sabbaths. I find it interesting that Satan’s calendar consists of eight of these Sabbats, in comparison to Yahweh’s seven High Sabbaths.

Can you still hear him? He is still trying to become greater than God. Lucifer still goes around boasting in his mantra: “I will ascend to heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit upon the mount of meeting, in the uttermost parts of the north. I will ascend above the high places of the clouds—I will make myself like Yahweh” (Isaiah 14:13-14).

Notice he speaks of sitting in the uttermost parts of the north. Where is Santa Claus said to live? At the north pole. And the entire Santa Claus legend is rooted in the pagan god Odin, an prominent god in Wiccan religion. Just something else to think about.

He’s still asking: Did God really say not to do that? He’s still saying: You will not surely die if you do that. He’s still trying to exalt himself above God, and he’s doing it very successfully by convincing those who call themselves “Christians” to celebrate demonic witchcraft “holidays” instead of God’s Holy Mo’edim, gather to worship on Sunday while ignoring and breaking The Sabbath Day, and he’s even convinced the majority of the so-called Body of Christ to disregard biblical food laws, the exact same thing he did in Eden when he convinced the woman to eat what God said not to.

It’s a truly perplexing thing that Satan has so much influence in the lives of Christians. But I suppose this is what happens when you have a religion that, despite claiming to be built on The Bible, is actually built on the practices of other religions and those who claim to be a part of it don’t even read The Bible they think they have based their faith on. How can you base your faith on a book you refuse to read?

Go To Church!

I am convinced that most of what people today call “The Church” or “The Christian Church” is actually the creation of Satan. Some would argue that this would be limited to the liberal Churches today and their theological views like hyper-grace and warped versions of the already heretical eternal security doctrines. But those are not the only Churches being filled by Satan.

You heard me right, I said that Churches are being filled by Satan. He has deceived people into a false religion that almost every Christian in the world believes is the right religion. Christianity, as well as Judaism (a subject for another time), possesses a unique characteristic of being an almost right wrong religion. They have a lot of truth, but they have enough non-truth that they are still going to lead the masses to an eternity in hell. Incidentally, Judaism only errs in their rejection of Yeshua as Messiah. That’s a BIG error, but it’s isolated. If a practicing Jew accepts Yeshua, they already follow Torah so they will most likely be all in. The Christian error is much more deceptive.

What most people don’t seem to grasp is that a Church that appears to be the most holy may be the most lost. It’s one thing to be so far off that if someone were to read their Bible they would quickly realize they are in a house of Satan instead of the House of God. It’s an entirely different thing to be in a place where sin is preached against… just not all sin.

Some places will take bold stands against abortion, same-sex marriage, and numerous other sins generally accepted as such by the majority. But then you go to one of their services and they are serving unclean foods in their foyers before the service or they are advertising some “work day” to clean up the facility on a Saturday before a big event. Nobody thinks to question or speak against these things because they have sat through bold messages against other sins and they often don’t even know—because, again, they don’t read their Bible—that these things are also sins.

Satan would much rather you go to that Church than the one preaching liberal beliefs. You might say, “That can’t be true, Churches that preach like that aren’t packed to overflowing and if Satan wanted people there, he could get them there.”

Oh, my dear "Christian", you still haven’t figured out how Satan thinks. He is a liar, the father of lies. He is the expert of lying. The popular consensus is that a Church preaching truth is not well attended. He knows he can get the masses of gullible Christians into these liberal Churches, but he also knows there are some who won’t lower their standards that far. So he sets up Churches that appear to be preaching the height of the standard of holiness, but there are still these subtle signs that they are full of the devil. He keeps attendance at such places moderate to aid in getting you to believe that they are right with God, because the standard belief is that the Churches preaching truth are not full. If they were preaching the WHOLE truth, God would fill them to overflowing. Think about that!

Look, I have witnessed this first hand. I have watched a Church that I have had a long relationship with decline year after year. Back in the 1990’s, before I was connected with them, they were one of the leading holiness and revivalist ministries in the nation. From the time I first got involved with them, I saw them compromise more and more year after year. I also saw the attendance decline at the same rate they compromised on biblical standards. The more they compromised, the more God was not bringing people in and Satan allowed attendance to decline so people can actually believe that the reason they don’t get a lot of people is because “people aren’t hungry for the truth these days”.

No! The reason people don’t come is because God’s glory has departed and Satan is in control, and as long as they market themselves as a “no-compromise ministry” and people actually believe it, they will be in decline. If they ever want to be packed again they either need to reject ALL of the lies and go all-in with Torah, or they need to stop trying to be holy sometimes and go all-in with the heretical teachings filling other Churches. As Revelation 3 says, they need to be either hot or cold!

Satan may even have such a place preaching against himself to further make it appear “they can’t possibly be deceivers”. I mean, you can’t preach on something like demonology while at the same time preparing to celebrate Yule/Christmas and expect God to bless it. Consider this statement made by the late A.W. Tozer in a book that published a number of his articles just a year after his passing, titled That Incredible Christian: How Heaven's Children Live on Earth:

Throughout the whole world error and truth travel the same highways, work in the same fields and factories, attend the same churches, fly in the same planes and shop in the same stores. So skilled is this error at imitating truth that the two are constantly being mistaken for each. It takes a sharp eye these days to know which brother is Cain and which is Abel.

How do you know a Church is wholly following God? They follow the whole Bible! You don’t find them preaching against all these other things but then having pork or shellfish or some other unclean thing being offered to parishioners. You don’t find them asking everyone to come work to clean up the Church on The Sabbath. You don’t find them celebrating Satan’s holidays of Christmas, Easter, and often even Halloween (Samhain) instead of the Feasts of Yahweh found in The Bible. You don’t find them telling you that there’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo on your body, despite what is commanded in Leviticus 19:28.

Satan wants you to go to whatever Church he can get you to so long as it is in some way compromised. If he can’t get you into the hyper-grace Churches, he will get you into the one that looks more holy but in reality is as backslidden and blasphemous as all the others. Don’t fall for his deception! Come out from among them and be separate, touch not the unclean thing, and THEN God will receive you! The only reason to go to most of these churches if you are a Torah-keeping sold out follower of the real Yeshua Messiah, which I do encourage, is to be a prophetic voice of the truth, a light in the darkness that is “modern Christianity”.

One Piece Of Fruit

The most believable lie is the one that is almost true. Satan only needs to deceive you into rejecting one of God’s commandments. He just needs to convince you that you shall not surely die if you…

That’s what the serpent did in the Garden. He slithered up that tree and convinced the woman that she would not die if she partook of the fruit of that one tree God said not to eat from. And one piece of fruit shared between the woman and her husband caused the entire sin problem and every evil thing that has ever taken place in the history of the world.

People ask me all the time if I believe God will send them to hell for eating pork or for not keeping The Sabbath or some other thing they have deemed petty. That’s really the same thing the serpent said in Eden: You won’t go to hell for THAT.

Think about it:

One piece of fruit caused every earthquake, tornado, tsunami, flood, hurricane, and lightning strike to ever plague this world.

One piece of fruit caused every sickness and disease to infect a human body.

One piece of fruit gave an Egyptian Pharaoh the cruelty to enslave God’s people for hundreds of years.

One piece of fruit caused a man like Adolf Hitler to annihilate over six million Jewish people in some of the most horrendous acts of torture.

One piece of fruit caused human beings to go to war with other human beings.

One piece of fruit that the deceiver convinced one human person to ignore the instruction of God.

Think about that the next time someone wants to try to justify doing something else that God said not to do. Think about that one piece of fruit the next time someone tries to use not-so-clear statements from the Torah-observant Jewish Apostles to say we’re allowed to eat pork today. Think about that one piece of fruit the next time someone tells you the tattoo prohibition is “only for the dead” and it’s OK if your tattoo is a Bible verse or a cross or a “Jesus face”. Think about that one piece of fruit, and all the evil and torment it brought to this world, the next time someone ignores Hebrews 4:9 and says we don’t need to keep God’s Sabbath today. Think about that one piece of fruit when someone says of the origins of Christmas and Easter “That’s not what it means to me, I celebrate ‘Jesus’ in these holidays” in total defiance to Deuteronomy 12. Think about that one piece of fruit every time someone tries to lead you toward some act of compromise.

Think about this for a moment: Based on the commandment in Deuteronomy 12 to not appropriate the ways of paganism and repurpose them into worship of Yahweh, if Yeshua needed to come today to accomplish His work of redemption He could not celebrate Christmas and Easter. I'm not saying He would not, I'm saying He could not. It would be impossible for Him to be the Messiah and celebrate these holidays, assuming they truly are a violation of Deuteronomy 12 as I propose them to be, because in order to be the Messiah He cannot violate His Father's Torah. That's a staggering thought that the biggest holidays in Christianity might very well be celebrations the Messiah they believe they are worshiping would be prohibited from celebration or else He would be disqualified from even being our Messiah.

More importantly, think about the fact that it was one piece of fruit that created the need for your Messiah to be crucified in a most cruel manner on a Roman cross (or stake, if you prefer). His flesh was torn from His body over that one piece of fruit. His beard was ripped from His face over that one piece of fruit. A crown made of thorns was driven into His head causing His blood to cover His face because of that one piece of fruit. Nails pierced His wrists and feet because of that one piece of fruit. A spear was driven into His side causing blood and water to pour out of His body, and all because of the first act of breaking Torah—eating a single piece of fruit.

Hebrews 6:6 talks about crucifying again the Son of God. Think about your one piece of fruit. Maybe your one piece of fruit is a food item, like the unclean meats many Christians today believe are permitted under the new covenant. Maybe your one piece of fruit is The Sabbath because you believe going to Church on Sunday is somehow sufficient. Maybe your one piece of fruit is a culturally popular holiday rooted in pagan religion that you would rather crucify again your Messiah to celebrate. And those holidays aren’t just Christmas and Easter. Recently I saw pictures of a local dance group led by someone who professes to be a Christian performing Halloween dances at the local zoo where the dancers, many of whom attend the same Church as the studio owner, were dressed up to look like corpses. The girl leading that mess is of her father, the devil, the deceiver who deceived her into thinking there’s nothing wrong with Christians celebrating Halloween.

What is your one piece of fruit? Maybe it’s a newfound love for tattoos. Maybe it’s some sexual perversion. Maybe it’s one act of breaking Torah. Maybe it’s multiple acts of breaking Torah. But whatever your one piece of fruit might be, it is always the result of heeding the hiss of the serpent, listening to the question of Lucifer The Deceiver: Hath God said?

Don’t make the mistake so many have made. Torah is the truth. There is no truth—no Torah—in the devil. In the words of the patriarch Joshua: Choose this day whom you will serve—but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh.

~Blessings and Shalom~

©2020 Truth Ignited Ministry

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