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Is God Defined By String Theory?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

            If you are not already familiar with the term “string theory”, it is basically a scientific theory where, among other things, there are speculated multiple dimensions beyond the standard 3-dimensional realm we live in and comprehend on Earth. It is also a theory that some have used to support the longstanding “big bang theory” that proposes the universe came to be through a single godless event in the ancient past.

As you may know, the natural world understands and sees everything in height, width, and depth. These are the three known dimensions. Time is considered to be a fourth dimension. So everything consists with height, width, and depth within whatever point in time it exists.

            This would mean that if you caused an object in the natural world to no longer exist, perhaps through a type of disintegration, you would be changing it on a fourth dimensional level. It is also theorized that if a being were fourth dimensional they would be able to move in and out of time in a way that, as an example, they could altar their age, appearing older or younger, at will. Such a being may also be able to travel in time, going into the past or the future.

            While a fourth dimension of time seems comprehensible, from there it gets a bit more “out there”. Now, I am in no way questioning the science behind any of this, but there is a major word that must be considered with things like “string theory” and “the big bang theory”, and that word is: THEORY. Think long and hard about that for a moment, these things are THEORIES based on secular atheistic science. These views are developed by atheists with the agenda to create a worldview where they believe they can prove to nonexistence of God, and once a person settles in their mind that there is no God then all religion-based morality also ceases to exist.

            What this means is that these theories are ultimately the foundation needed to justify every anti-God action humanity dreams up. Abortion, adultery, divorce, genocide, and acceptance of lifestyles traditionally opposed to The Bible are all built on the agenda of atheists who seek to “prove” the nonexistence of God. Additionally, and perhaps more of a driving force behind these theories, the removal of an actual God from the equation means that science becomes free to do whatever they want to further their research. Nothing is off limits if there is no God to be accountable to. Thus it makes me wonder: How can any truly God-fearing person seriously embrace a view where these theories are married with something that resembles a biblical worldview and how we perceive God?

            Let’s take a quick look at the other “dimensions” in this concept of “string theory”. While some propose 11 or 26 dimensions, it appears that at the very least there needs to be ten dimensions in order for “string theory” to work. The proposed 5th and 6th dimensions would allow those who could learn to work within them to travel through time, both to the past and to the future, within the known universe. From there the 7th dimension would give you access to alternate universes, and the 8th would allow you to see the histories of these universes. The 9th dimension would allow you to compare all histories of all possible universes and the 10th dimension would bring you to a place where everything possible and imaginable is covered.

            If this all sounds crazy, just consider that on the opposite end of the spectrum there are people even today debating about whether or not the Earth is a globe or flat.

God And Modern Physics

            This brings us to a place where we see preachers trying to gain an understanding of God through modern science. This, of course, is born out of longstanding debates between those who hold a Trinitarian view of God and those who hold a Unitarian view. In the Trinitarian view God is seen as a triune being where The Father (Yahweh), The Son (Yeshua), and Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) are part of the Trinity. In the Unitarian view the focus is on Scriptural statements that “God is One”.

            Often times, though there are extremes, I have found that most people who hold one or the other of these views actually believe the same thing—it’s just a matter of their perspective. Both groups acknowledge Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but one side focuses on “These three” and the other on “are one”.

            Where the concept of things like string theory seem to come into play is when a preacher feels he needs to come up with “the next big new thing” to capture the attention of gullible Christians who don’t study Bible basics. In this, the preacher might say that various “models” created by either Trinitarians or Unitarians to try and explain God are simply man’s attempt to explain a God that is bigger than all of that. So they try to present a God based on the rules of string theory where there are more than three dimensions, thus explaining how God is “beyond human comprehension”. But really, isn’t this just another human attempt to explain God, the very thing they are claiming to be wrong in the first place?

            While I do agree that God is beyond human comprehension, The Bible is clear that we are to accept Him by faith, not based on some secular scientific theory developed by atheists with a mission to prove the non-existence of the God you, as a Believer, choose to place your faith in. Gary Bates, the CEO of the United States branch of Creation Ministries International, wrote a short article on this titled Is ‘string’ the next big thing? Consider these important points from his message:

One should consider that many of these ‘cosmic convolutions’ lack experimental support and are speculative ideas dressed in convoluted mathematics. One such idea is string theory. Although highly controversial, it has been gaining in popularity, and research is well-funded, particularly by those trying to prop up big bang ideology. The Bible does not speak about other dimensions specifically, and speculating on such matters in too much detail can lead to positions bordering on the heretical. This is one of the problems of taking the currently popular views of secular evolutionary scientists and trying to adapt them to Scripture. (emphasis added) Evolutionary ideas like string theory start from a worldview framework that there is no God. Therefore it is dangerous practice to intermarry secular guesswork with the Bible.

            Bates points out that there is a certain allure to ministers to embrace scientific theories like “string theory”. This is not unlike those in the past who have tried to harmonize The Bible with secular scientific theories by proposing that “the big bang” or “evolution” are true and were merely tools used by God to bring about the existence of the known world. There is just one major problem with that: The Bible says that God spoke the known universe into existence, not that He used a “big bang” or “billions of years of evolution” to accomplish these things. It says He did this in the first six days of a single seven-day week and then retreated to celebrate His Creation on the seventh day—the initiation of The Sabbath Day.

            What proponents of a string theory view of God would have you do is imagine our view of God as a one- or two-dimensional being might view something from the three-dimensional world. A one- or two-dimensional being, if there could be a living being limited to those realms, would only be capable of seeing one dimension of a three-dimensional being. So, if the 1D or 2D being viewed something like a cube, it would only see a single line or a single square side of the cube. It would never be capable of seeing all three dimensions the way we can in our 3D world.

            I know this may be a little confusing to some, but try to hang with me.

            This, they claim, is how we in a 3D world view God. We can only see God from a three-dimensional perspective. And so we are, they will say, only capable of viewing God as The Father, The Son, and/or Holy Spirit. But is it even biblical to apply secular theories of physics developed by atheists to try and define the nature of God? I think Dr. Danny R. Faulkner answers this question quite well in his article Weird Physics published by Answers In Genesis where he says:

What should be the reaction of Christians to such “weird physics”? We must be vigilant to avoid the nonbiblical influences on modern thinking. However, if a scientific model does not contradict the Bible, then we should be excited to see what new insights we can gain about the Creator and His workings. As with the question of origins, we must interpret the data through the lens of biblical revelation.

            Clearly nothing in the biblical revelation presents a God built around something like string theory. This would be a scientific model that does contradict The Bible. It seems almost blasphemous that someone would even attempt to define the God of The Bible in terms of modern theories that are set against the very belief we have in the God of The Bible.

Sacred Geometry And Kabbalah

            If you are not familiar with the terms sacred geometry and/or kabbalah, allow me to take a moment to briefly define them for you. Sacred geometry is a New Age Religion belief that has it’s roots in Hinduism and other Eastern Mystic Religions. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism that emerged in the 12th and 13th centuries.

            In sacred geometry there is a concept known as “the flower of life”. It is depicted as a series of circles put into a pattern that forms a flower effect. From this is born numerous other images such as “the egg of life” and “the fruit of life”. These are tied to mystic beliefs about the origins of life on Earth. Some try to connect this with Christian-sounding beliefs, even using terms like “Jesus”, “Yeshua”, and “Holy Spirit”, but make no mistake that these are anything but traditional Judeo-Christian views. They are demonic aspects of a Satanic religion.

            As many are being drawn to the Torah message and the Hebraic roots of Scripture—The Bible being a Hebrew book written by Hebrew people about the Hebrew God from a perspective of Hebrew culture—some are enticed by such things as kabbalistic views. As Christianity opens up to the truths found in keeping Father’s Torah, it is critically important that we do not deviate into religious concepts that are as heretical as much of modern mainstream Christianity has become.

            Building on the “flower of life” image is a pattern known as Metatron’s Cube. This is described as an image that “contains every shape in the universe, and those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter.” The basic cube shape that forms the basis for Metatron’s Cube has a certain prominence in New Age beliefs and the “flower of life” ideology. Regarding the cube, Luis Miguel Falcao says in his New Age book titled The Reawakening of Consciousness:

The Cube represents the three-dimensionality of space. Within the cube lies the Sphere. The Cube represents the body with our third-dimensional reality, of manifested thought. The Sphere within represents the consciousness of Spirit within us or as is commonly known our Soul. The Bible says that man is made in the image of our Creator. I believe that they incorrectly interpreted the ancient teachings, as it is the Soul that is made in the image of the Creator. Our bodies are three-dimensional, whereas our soul is multi-dimensional. Our Spirit/Soul is the Creator within our manifested form, which once was singular with the single-point consciousness of the Creator. We have however fallen asleep and we have forgotten what we once were.

            Did that confuse you at all? I hope so, because that’s about as loony as Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck. Take my word for it when I tell you that you probably don’t want to read much more of this man’s “teachings”, and you especially do not want to read his biography.

            Here’s the thing, though: Teaching that God is multi-dimensional beyond the known three or possibly four dimensions of the known world (as time is probably a valid fourth dimension without getting into anything “weird”, as Dr. Faulkner calls it) is rooted in New Age mystic beliefs. This is particularly dangerous because New Age Religion may very well be the “one-world religion” that many Bible Prophecy teachers have long speculated about, or it may be the catalyst to such a religion.

            New Age essentially teaches that a person can “pull truth” from any and all religions they want to. Truth is truth, so it is irrelevant where it comes from. This is why I get so upset when I hear Christian “Pastors” quoting from Muslims, as is becoming a popular practice. It doesn’t matter if the Muslim theologian you are citing was a 13th century poet and not involved in some type of Jihad. They are still a Muslim. You don’t need to seek truth from Islam, New Age, atheist physics, or anywhere else when you have THE TRUTH in THE BIBLE.

            Building on the “flower of life” model, another pattern that is developed is the kabbalist “Tree of Life” image. This is not to be confused with the actual Tree of Life we read about in Genesis. This is more of this mystic religious imagery that has no place in the life of a true Believer in Messiah Yeshua. The image of the “Tree of Life” within the “flower of life” model consists of ten connected spheres, and some have drawn a connection between this and the ten dimensions of string theory. I’ll get into that here in just a moment.

            What I’m trying to tell you is that it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to build a theological view of the God of The Bible around string theory or any other secular atheistic physics theories. These things simply are not biblical, and those who would attempt to marry biblical beliefs about God with these unbiblical theories have already crossed the line into outright heresy. These people are not teaching a biblically sound view of God, they are teaching New Age Religion supported by theories developed by the enemies of the God of The Bible. There’s simply no way around this.

            Just as we do with New Age, kabbalah, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so on we must view secular atheist science and the theories that are birthed from it as another pagan religion. Because that's what it is. And once we come to that conclusion, using scientific theories from this other religion of atheism to describe God becomes a violation of Torah as Deuteronomy 12:29-30 specifically tells us not to take from the ways of pagan religions (those faiths outside of The Bible) and turn them into a form of Yahwism.

Ten Degrees And 125 Steps To God

            As I just mentioned, kabbalistic views teach that there are ten parts of the kabbalah tree of life. The Zohar is a major work in kabbalah. Michael Laitman, Ph.D., is a premiere kabbalist and offers a great amount of kabbalist teaching through his website. However, I absolutely DO NOT recommend dabbling into reading The Zohar or any other kabbalah teachings without discussing it at length first with your Messianic Rabbi or Torah-observant Pastor and receiving authorization from such a spiritual leader and mentor in your life who can aid you with it. What I am going to be sharing here comes from Laitman’s English version of The Zohar, but it is strictly for information purposes related to this study and NOT to lead people into these kabbalistic beliefs.

            As we have already established, kabbalah and string theory both seem to be built on this idea of ten degrees or ten dimensions in the universe, humanity dwelling in what kabbalah calls the lowest and “The Creator” dwelling in the highest dimension. These statements are taken from Laitman’s Zohar translation:

In all, there are ten degrees, called “ten Sefirot”: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. Like ten screens or curtains, these ten Sefirot conceal the Creator’s Light from us or the Creator Himself (which is the same thing). These ten screens constitute the ten degrees of our remoteness from the Creator.

Therefore, in order to draw near the Creator by one degree, the lowest one above our own properties, we must acquire the properties of that (lowest) degree. This means that our properties become similar to the properties of that degree, rather than remaining inferior to it. To acquire similar properties means to have the same desires. As soon as our desires coincide with the desires of that degree, its concealment fades, and we seemingly exist on it, and only nine degrees separate us from the Creator.

However, the last, lowest degree differs from all the others: as soon as one ascends out of our world and onto the first degree, he already begins to see (sense) the Creator. And all the subsequent degrees are degrees of drawing closer to the Creator. Only the very last degree, at which we presently exist, conceals the Creator completely, whereas all of the Higher Degrees only distance Him.

            Think about what this is saying. I have already mentioned how there is now “teaching”, so-called, developing in some Christian circles that are using this idea of multiple dimensions, seemingly based in string theory, to God. They will say that God has to be at least fourth dimensional, existing outside of our concept of time, but that they believe he exists in a [theoretical] tenth dimension. Now we have kabbalah, a demonic religious split off of traditional Judaism, telling us something very similar.

            The people teaching this stuff about the God of The Bible will have us to believe that we cannot see God because He exists in a dimension beyond our ability to perceive Him. Thus we can only believe that He is. Let me ask you a question: If this is true and God exists in a dimension beyond human ability to see Him, how did Moses see Him (Exodus 33)? It’s a funny thing, you know, whenever these “preachers of the day” come up with some wild idea like this there are passages in The Bible that completely wreck them.

            The Bible is such a simple book to understand. Even many places throughout The Bible it tells us that God’s ways are not hard to comprehend. It is religion that complicates the matter because religion cannot afford to allow you to know The Bible is so easy to grasp. Once a person realizes that, they typically also realize that they no longer need religion. And once a person realizes they don’t need religion, career pastors and corporate churches have the tables turned on them as the people realize that the power is really in their hands. This is a great threat to this unbiblical and worldly model of religion that most today call “The Church”.

            Corporate Church religion and career Pastors need you to rely on them for spiritual learning. This is what keeps you coming back to their Church from week to week and what pushes you to support them financially. The reality is that this is not the system established in The Bible. But that is really a discussion for another time.

            Now, if you think things are getting crazy with this idea of the Ten Sefirot, derived from the aforementioned kabbalah tree of life model, let’s look at where this continues. Picking up where we left off from Laitman’s Zohar:

Although we count ten degrees, there are in fact only five of them. This is because six degrees: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod combine into one Sefira, called Zeir Anpin (ZA). ZA itself is sometimes referred to as Tifferet, for this Sefira reflects the common attributes of all of its six Sefirot.

So, there are five degrees of concealment from the Creator down to our world: Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA, and Malchut. Every degree is alternatively called Olam (world), from the word Haalamah (concealment). Every degree has its subdegrees, called Partzufim (plural for Partzuf), and every sub-degree has its own sub-degrees, called Sefirot (plural for Sefira). Thus, in all, 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 degrees-Sefirot exist between us and the Creator.

            I understand this is a LOT to take in and comprehend, and most reading this message are probably quite lost at this point, so let me try to reel this in a bit and simplify it. All of this basically says that there is a clear relationship, whether intentional or coincidental, between string theory and kabbalah, and neither of these views are supported by The Bible. They are the beliefs of other religions—religions other than and contrary to Judeo-Christian belief. To teach a concept of who or what God is based on these unbiblical principles is a fast path to heresy. And that’s all there is to it.

I Am That I Am

And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am… ~Exodus 3:14a (KJV)

            Instead of trying to come up with some “fresh new idea” about who or what God is, why don’t we just look at what The Bible has to say? Sometimes I am perplexed by how much people, especially the “modern preacher”, will overlook and go beyond The Bible in their quest to satisfy a thirst for knowledge. Yes, there are times when we can and possibly should look beyond Scripture, but only after first having built the foundation for your study on Scripture and then without seeking to come up with some idea not backed by Scripture.

            The theories I have presented in this message are not in harmony with The Bible. It is very wrong to try to define or describe God in terms that are the bedrock of atheism or some demonic other religion, rather than Judeo-Christian faith. Having heard the teachings I have addressed, and watching gullible Christians just eat it up like a dog that hasn’t been fed for three days, I realized I could not sit and be silent about this matter.

            While The Bible does not describe God as anything remotely close to what is being speculated through things like string theory or kabbalah, there are things The Bible does say about God that we should consider. The following is a list of characteristics about our God that are taken directly from The Bible. It would be wise to consider them over any unbiblical or extrabiblical ideas that some preacher might dream up to make his or her self sound smart.

God is not a man who lies, or a son of man who changes his mind! ~Numbers 23:19 (TLV)

For Adonai your God is a consuming fire—a jealous God. ~Deuteronomy 4:24 (TLV)

…for God is greater than a mortal. ~Job 33:12 (TLV)

The Lord our God is compassionate and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against Him. ~Daniel 9:9 (TLV)

For Adonai your God is compassionate and merciful; He will not turn His face away from you if you return to Him. ~2 Chronicles 30:9 (TLV)

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. ~John 4:24 (TLV)

God is faithful, through whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Yeshua the Messiah our Lord. ~1 Corinthians 1:9 (TLV)

…for God is not a God of confusion, but shalom. ~1 Corinthians 14:33 (TLV)

For our God is a consuming fire. ~Hebrews 12:29 (TLV)

God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. ~1 John 1:5 (TLV)

God is love. ~1 John 4:8, 16 (TLV)

            Think about some of these. Not all of them are even outside the realm, or “dimension”, of this present physical world. God is light, and light exists in our present world. God is Spirit, and standard orthodox Christian belief says that spirit is a part of this present world, even though it may not be perceivable in the dimensions of height, width, and depth, certainly it is perceivable in time. All Christians who have had some biblical education believe that people have a spirit, now and in this present three-dimensional world (or four-dimensional if we consider time as a legitimate fourth dimension).

            There are also characteristics of God that might seem less pleasant. God is a consuming fire. Think about that. I would not want to be the person on the receiving end of God’s fire, His fury, His wrath, after having presented some picture of God not based in The Bible but built on theories developed by atheists who are on a mission to rid the world of God—as if that’s even possible. God is a jealous God. The context of this statement is directly connected to what I shared a moment ago regarding Deuteronomy 12:29-30—there is a very real probability that presenting a concept of Yahweh built on secular atheistic string theory or kabbalistic views provokes His jealousy, which in turn pushed Him to unleash His wrath.

            Then we see that God is love. Well, that is certainly an attribute that we can perceive in our present world. If God were living in a dimension outside of the reach of man then how could we ever receive His love? It is deism that teaches a “god” that exists out of reach and has no actual direct role in this world.

            Sadly, the proponents of ancient alien theory present a more accurate picture of God than a preacher who would present a God that is harmonized with things like string theory or kabbalah. It would be very wise to be careful about how you present the God of The Bible—the smart thing to do is to describe Him as Scripture describes Him, and not try to come up with a "new" concept of God based on views outside of Scripture and developed by the enemies of your faith.

Chasing The Unnecessary


           What it really comes down to when you begin to hear these wild and “weird” beliefs about the nature or character of God being presented is preachers are so desperate to bring some “new revelation” that they stumble upon things that we probably shouldn’t even be trying to figure out. I don’t particularly care if God is or is not a “Trinity”. I don’t care if God transcends the known three-dimensional realm we live in. None of these things effect whether or not I believe that God is.

            It’s easy to get wrapped up in doctrines that attempt to harmonize The Bible with whatever theories modern science is dreaming up. Science came up with evolution theory and Christians decided they should work that into The Bible. So they came up with an idea that each day of the Creation Week was a thousand year period and within each of those periods God used evolution to form life as we know it today. Science came up with the big bang theory and Christians in turn decided that the big bang was something God did. Now we have string theory and ten dimensions and Christians are once again trying to force this into The Bible. These theories are derived from atheists, people who do not have the Holy Spirit, people whose minds are submitted to demon spirits, and as such these theories are mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed to Scripture.

            I serve the God who announced Himself to Moses with the words “I am that I am”. That’s all I need to know. If you need more than what The Bible tells you about God, you are already chasing the wrong thing. I certainly don’t need to create a God built around theories developed by the very people who radically oppose my faith in order to somehow validate my faith. Think about how absurd that is!

            Are preachers today really so desperate for attention that they will try to blend beliefs about God that have stood the test of time with modern atheist, kabbalist, and New Age theories? Or even worse throwing out the beliefs of even the Apostles, the Prophets, and the Patriarchs who wrote The Bible because modern science has a theory?

            As I speculate why any modern preacher would do this, one thought that comes to mind is that perhaps they fear the actual “discovery” of whatever “proof” is needed to show that something like string theory actually does have merit to it. Perhaps they think that if a true alien life form were ever discovered or identified they need to already have a foundation in place to move toward a theology that embraces such a thing.

            The problem with that is nothing in The Bible as it stands presents a problem with the existence of life on other planets. So regardless of whether or not something like that even were to exist, it shouldn’t be our focus and certainly shouldn’t be the type of thing we develop weird theological views that deviate from beliefs everyone else in the history of biblical faith held to.

            Our focus should not be on who or what God is, but simply that He is. It doesn’t matter so much how He exists, but that we believe He exists and as a result we obey His Word—His Torah. Faith should never ride on weird theories we can’t even come close to proving. And if these people coming up with this nonsense today actually believed The Bible on its own merit, they would not feel a need to teach bizarre beliefs.

            Be careful. Don’t fall victim to the “next hot thing” in religion. So much of the time people are just trying to make a name for themselves by impressing the gullible masses who never read a Bible and are ignorant to the actual truth. God is defined by The Bible, not by any secular theory, modern or ancient. If you cannot believe that God is God based on His own self-description “I am that I am” then you’ve already missed it. Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God…,” should be more than enough to satisfy your quest for knowing God exists.

            It’s a funny thing about faith. Faith requires that you believe in something that you cannot prove. It’s an amazing thing to me that so many professing Christians today feel that they need some wild extrabiblical claim to build their faith around as opposed to something as simple and biblical as obeying the commandments written in the Books of the Torah. Do you know that more faith needs to be exercised to obey the commandments than the combined faith exercised by all congregants in most Churches? Obeying Torah is one of the highest acts of faith. In obeying Torah you are acknowledging that God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, gave that commandment too and you are showing your faith in Him through keeping the commandment.

            Faith is not found in trying to figure out who God is based on a very controversial scientific theory. Faith is found in following the food laws—not eating unclean things like pork, shellfish, and other things on the list. Faith is found in keeping the biblical Sabbath Day by refraining from your labor and celebrating His Creation as He did on that first Shabbat. Faith is found in keeping God’s Holy Feasts in the spring and fall seasons. Faith is found in not wearing wool and linen together simply because God Himself said not to do that and you believe Him when He said “I am that I am”.

            These things are the highest acts of faith because they require you to first acknowledge that God is God. So don’t get tied up with silly theories and fables. The secular world is always learning yet never able to come to the knowledge of truth (2 Timothy 3:7, TLV). Don’t be like the world. Don’t embrace the world’s worldview. Embrace a biblical worldview. Live in The Word of God and the world may crumble around you but the hand of God Almighty will protect you so that the enemy cannot touch you. But spend your time trying to figure God out instead of actually serving Him, and see how that ends.

~Blessings and Shalom~

©2020 Truth Ignited Ministry

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