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Has the Bible had the Answer to COVID-19 All Along?

"David Rives explains the key to preventing almost ALL influenza pandemics in the future, including Covid-19. Frighteningly simple steps that we HAVE KNOWN ABOUT for thousands of years may have prevented the deaths of over 240 million people. As a Christian, David uses his signature educational style to show how belief in a Biblical Creator and His instructions hold keys to scientific discovery, disease prevention, health practices, and more. David Rives (@TheDavidRives) is a speaker and researcher on origins science, president of David Rives Ministries, host of TBN’s Creation in the 21st Century, and author of Bible Knows Best."

Even if you disagree with some of the beginning of this video, we advise you to watch all the way through before deciding if Dave Rives is correct or not. In this cutting edge look at Scripture, you can find common sense Biblical Advise to stay healthy in most situations. If the entire world would follow the information given, we could probably eliminate such outbreaks altogether.

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