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2018-2020 Years of Increase and Unity(?)

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

While 2018 will indeed be a year of dawning increase and unification, it will come at great cost and be purchased through conflict and produce a clash between the Structural Church and the Spiritual Church-Bride.

I have waited to release this, as I have been uncertain of how to word much of it. While Prophecy is the Testimony of Yeshua, meaning

it reveals what He is saying to the Body-Bride and/or the world, and it does edify, exhort, and encourage, it is not always pleasant to receive.

Preface: You see, some in the modern church have lost the ability to discern. Even many in Pentecostal-Charismatic circles have chosen to believe a watered-down theology of exclusive positivism. An ideal that anyone who claims to prophesy but uses words that are negative in the eyes/ears of the receivers is a false prophet. They have simply abandoned good sense and sound doctrine. They seek for those words which tickle their ears while claiming to be the voice of God with their exclusively positive messages, or in the worst cases while they alone claim the authority to speak words of warning to their respective followers. They align with those who will accept their showmanship as anointing, and their ability to sway a crowd as God's Glory and favor. They perform signs and wonders but reject the weightier matters of right teaching based solely upon the Word of YHVH in correct context. Choosing rather to follow the traditions handed to them by predecessors. Without question, they propagate every teaching of those they consider generals in the name of submission though it is devoid of Biblical reasoning. Their intentions are good, but their application falls short of true and righteous examination.

For these reasons, I have delayed in releasing what I am seeing for 2018 and the coming years ending this decade. I have spoken to a few about this and while I am still reluctant to release it, that reluctance comes from a frustration with the inevitable backlash of having gone against the status quo before and expecting a repeat performance of the status quo religiosity. The religious-minded of every facet of Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Hebrew Roots, Messianic Jewish and others will likely find what I say as egocentric, heretical, even outlandish lies. I stand in my resolve that Abba is showing me these things and as He has never shown me a single false thing, I trust Him now more than ever, though some of it pains me.

It's easy to see that as the Apostolic Gift is restored and reinstated into the circles which are willing to accept it, there will be a number of new "networks" birthed. This is nothing all that amazingly prophetic, one could predict this with nothing more than good intuitive thinking. However, I see that for all these networks (old and new) to truly serve God's purposes, and alliances - exchange programs will need to be birthed or the movement(s) will fade. It will run its course having had a good day in the Sun but with little to list as lasting positive effects. We must unite with one another and cross-train those who choose to be with those of like DNA. This is not an exchange for the purpose of diversity, but so that the "cells" of each part of the "Body" will be in cooperation with one another and able to combine strategies to overcome the enemy. In order for the Kingdom to Come, it will take all those in governing positions to begin to move together. Yes, each network is needed to develop those of like DNA - but it cannot stop there. Think of each person in each network like the cells of a human body. The cells which comprise a muscle cannot be used to regenerate an eye, any more than a cell from the brain can be used to create a foot. So while we truly need to congregate and adjoin to those whose vision, ministry involvements, teachings, etc give us the needed clues to see they carry the same spiritual DNA we do (meaning they are of the same part of the Body as us), we mustn't become so isolated with those of our own part of the Body, that we neglect to move with the rest of the Body. So I see it becoming necessary for networks to begin networking and even for some within networks to begin their own networks - a covering while being under a covering of sorts. The King James Bible would have said it something like "this was done so that it may be fulfilled according to".... What this is in simplistic terms is; God's plan has always been that we build up and send out as Apostolic Ministry Networks take hold to replace the structure, programs, and systems of ministry of the previous decades.

The advancement of the Kingdom will include 5-Fold Teams going out in place of the previous generation's method of sending of Evangelists or Pastors to plant churches. The church was never meant to be founded on the personality or gifting of a single Ephesians 4:11 Gift. The reason for unhealthy churches which gave birth to unhealthy movements which resulted in new denominations that started the entire cycle over again was the fact that we depended upon the personalities and charisma of the individual which was sent to plant churches and not a dependence upon the platform of building upon all 5 Gifts (probably only 4 Offices in the Greek). The First Century Church had not yet grown to the place where they even had widespread understanding of the Gifts of Ephesians 4:11. While the fullness of those Gifts is still not yet known, we have come light years from where we were after the Dark Ages. In the 500 years since the birth of the Reformation we have had many Moves of God that have restored gifts to the Body-Bride. In 2018 (and beyond) we will see the beginnings of yet another shift away from the oil of past generations and an increase in new oil; new wineskins which forsake the idea that church planting manuals and the courses taught in our Bible Colleges will reach the lost. We will see Power Evangelism increase as those who carry a fire of Mark 16:17 & 18 move forward from the marketplace and entertainment mountains to plant ministries to train and send teams which will have each of the Ephesians 4:11 Gifts represented. Like the "Apostolos" of the time of Yeshua and later the 12 (including Shaul/Paul and excluding Judas or Matthias) they will be given all the necessary tools and resources by the Emperor/KING Himself. They will lack nothing for the changing of society and remaking history just as the First Century Church did. Not through false doctrine and manmade eschatological nonsense. Alliances of networks are not only necessary, but they are also part of the Plan. The networks who become the Antioch model of Apostolic ministry and become sending ministries will see their tents enlarged. Those who take it as an affront when those under them seek to begin building a network for sending will be choosing to remain in the model of the past generations which have led to the defunct structural church of today. I am not certain how the exchanges of those from differing DNA, in order to build "5-Fold Teams", to send out and plant ministries will play out. I just see it will become necessary for the next phase of the Plan. Though I can also admit, I am not certain what that Phase is yet.

Prophets will become warriors whose words will become weapons. As the Prophets who have been in the wilderness and have yet to come back into the structural church begin to do so, they will carry a heavy word. It is not intended for the lackadaisical church as it has been in past seasons when prophets were called out of the wilderness to assume their role in the assignments of that day. They are coming to stand alongside of the Apostolic, Evangelistic, and Pastor-Teacher endeavors of those standing bold-facedly in the heat of battle and on the frontlines. These prophets will speak and things will move. They will be bold and brash, but not as unrefined as prophets in past Movements. Having spent time in the world as entrepreneurs, executives, supervisors and the like, they have a refined sense of decorum and understand the need for proper protocols. They also come with an "I don't need to be recognized to be used" mindset. They will simply step into their roles and that will be met with resistance among the religious elite, but those who have been in the secret place will quickly recognize these prophets were sent in perfect timing with God's Plan. They will become valued members of the "team" and assume their roles as advisors, guides, and confidants to leaders. As confidants, they will purify in the secret place, by bringing a fire that cleanses

unrighteousness in areas of addiction and habitual sin. They will not cover it up, because they will come with an authority to free the oppressed. We will hear testimonies of leaders who admit having had a secret battle of some kind and how God miraculously freed them in an instant. Most ofthem will not mention the prophet who brought their freedom, because the prophet will not allow it. This is a part of the process. Before Yeshua's Bride can complete her Esther preparation, the leaders who were sent to help perfect her must be free of sin to bring righteous change. Yeshua is coming for a warrior princess, not a child bride.

Evangelism based on the Mark 16:7 & 18 lifestyle is going to explode. I began seeing this nearly 2 years ago and it is now resounding through a number of ministries. I even taught it as a necessary means of spiritual warfare at our Passover 2017 event in Beijing. We will see the Office of Evangelist begin to bring in the lost through a number of power gifts, accompanied by signs and wonders as they partner with Apostolic and Prophetic ministries. This new alignment of ministry Offices will lead to exponential growth in the epicenters of Movements. The Evangelists will begin to work with and at times under Apostles and Prophets to further a God design to church structure. They will remain on the outside of the 4 walls of the structural church but will ignite it with spiritual church fire by an influx of new and never before churched converts. These converts will flood the church in areas of the world once again because of the efforts of those who carry the mantle of anointing and reigning in the realms of the unbeliever - the Evangelists. This will restore some of the glamour that the Evangelist lost after the passing of the "Healing Revivals" of the 1950's and 60's. This time the glamour will not wear out or grow thin because of the spirit of competition which arose among the tent healers of that day. This spirit is being purged from the Body-Bride completely and those Evangelists who allow it to be purged from their ministries will see an increase like the men and women who were forerunners of this ministry movement had only imagined. These Evangelists will carry

another difference in their ministry. They will seek to impart from the pulpit and multiply themselves through everyday believers. They will be burdened that none of their predecessors bothered themselves with fulfilling the great commission by perfecting the saints for the work. So the Power Evangelism which was prophesied in the 1980's will become a reality through impartation. Every ​​believer who seeks an intimate place with God will find themselves on the receiving end of a wave of impartations coming from this new breed of Evangelists thus bringing the Evangelist back into the fold in the way it was always intended to be. Not just the voice of salvation, but the voice of reaching the masses through the masses in ways the enemy cannot stop. No one can deny that a God who healed them does not also love them!!

Pastor-Teacher: a new breed of leadership will emerge from the local assemblies. Those who do not see their vocation of ministry as their avocation. The slow and surgical removal of the CEO pastor brought to us from the evolved and camouflaged Constantinian hierarchy will begin to fade. This doesn't necessarily mean the end of the megachurch nor is it an indictment of the large church leadership. It is simply the next step in the Plan. The megachurch movement brought with it a reinstatement of dignity to the Gift of Pastor-Teacher. It revived an Office which had grown stale and dead, bringing only as much life as the holder of the Office could muster through theatrical techniques of stirring a crowd or offering a stimulating oration upon Scripture. They became professional speakers and crowd readers who could adjust their verbal intonation and body language to fit the "mood" and sway a local assembly into agreement. NONE of this is bad in and of itself, except it simply was not the intention for this Gift to operate in this manner. But now I am getting into conjecture based upon Scripture...

Let's get back to what I see coming at the end of this decade for the Gift of Pastor-Teacher..... this new breed will emerge and understand they NEED the Apostle, Prophet, and Evangelist. That there can no longer be a lone ranger at the helm, and that guiding the local assembly needs to fit in with the direction God is driving the global Body-Bride. They will understand the need for being part of a true 5-Fold move and not feel the need to assume they can fill every role themselves. They will walk in greater anointing and authority in the Spirit than they have ever known as they cooperatively settle into a place of mutual respect and appreciation for every Gift occupant. They will be on the platform less and among the sheep more. They will see that poimen is less about leading and more about guiding. That one cannot guide from a place of loftiness, but only from relationship. That one must have developed a relationship with every sheep they wish to guide, or who has been granted to them to guide by the Good Shepherd. A softness to serve will return to the Gift and replace the need to be served. A new found confidence in serving will replace the competitive worry that another will "steal their flock". Because of these changes in the hearts of true Shepherd-Teachers, their teachings (based upon the Doctrine of the Apostles and Prophets) will bring great increase to the local assemblies and even the way finances are handled will return to a more Biblical model.

Protocols are changing - moving back to a Bible base and rejection of anything manmade. There are probably protocols changing in a wide variety of areas, but these are the only areas I have sensed a specific change for:

  1. Prayer - intercessors are moving from a time of seeking to a time of proclaiming. They will have more "knowing" than questioning. A greater prophetic unction will come upon them and they will begin to proclaim the heart of the Father during their intercession duties over their assigned areas and they will move mountains. Results will be seen VERY quickly as those intercessors who have endured enough pressure to have gained enough authority over their assignments to see instantaneous change.

  2. Pulpit and Church Ministry - fiery messages will return to the pulpits of America and it will spread to other nations. The Body will begin to recognize the Elders who occupy the Office of Pastor-Teacher and will accordingly begin to search out the true function of these Offices because they have grown weary of the unreachable, untouchable, and over-elevated CEO Pastor. Those who are truly spiritual Pastor-Teacher and Elders Gift/Office holders will begin to interact more personally with their people and lead by servanthood and example. They will live, eat, and work right alongside of the sheep - and the sheep will learn to respect them as a person and not just the title they wear.

  3. Mentoring - as Pastor-Teachers are raised up by Holy Spirit to stand a bit "above the crowd" (because of their broken hearts for the sheep) within a local assembly, natural mentoring relationships will become the norm. Pastor-Teacher will begin to be seen as it was in the First Century Church. They will not automatically become the head of a local assembly or even seek to. Their hearts will gravitate toward their true role in the local Body. The day of assigning people to a "small group" or "cell group" because of the geographical location of their home will begin being replaced by the wisdom of allowing those of like passion and interest to begin to take on the role of mentor within the local assemblies. Then those with whom they have things in common will gravitate toward them organically.

  4. Winning Converts - the Mark 16:17 & 18 Lifestyle will no longer be found just in the lives of the Todd Whites of the world. But every intimate believer will hunger and burn to operate in the giftings assigned to the entire Body of Believers. Any who ask will find it happening before the end of 2018 and all who diligently seek for this will be operating fully in it in their everyday lives by the end of 2020.

  5. Spiritual Warfare - the people of God will no longer have to guess what tactic or which strategy to use against the kingdom of darkness. Wisdom and understanding is coming which will allow anyone interested to be trained to recognize the clues which point to the correct tactic or strategy to use in any given situation. 2018 marks a notice being given to the enemy "Your days are numbered and the ignorance of the saints is ending. You will be assaulted more than you assault!".

  6. Operations - The church will begin to learn to operate more fully in its authority. The foundations laid by the likes of E.W. Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, Watchman Nee, T.L. Osborn, T.L. Lowry, Kenneth Hagin Sr., Lester Sumrall Sr., and others in the arena of the Believer's Authority, will give way to an explosion of revelation of what the Body-Bride can really do and the obligation(s) we have to begin living up to, to live at our potential.

  7. Personal Witness - Every believer who dares to step out and begin sharing their testimony will begin to see miracles, signs, and wonders confirming their testimony to the personal work of Christ in their lives. God has every intention of backing up all of the Body with all the resources of Heaven to bring in every hungry heart. This is it, a time of extreme acceleration.

Finally, there is a coming clash within the structural church. As Bishop Bill Hamon explains; every member of the spiritual church is a member of the structural church, but not vice versa (paraphrased). What we will witness will not be a completely subtle exchange either. The spirits of religion are on the rise in activity and they are drawing more and more of the previous decade's powerful ministries into a facade of 'holiness' intertwined with worldly and manmade traditions which do not honor God in the least. Abba is seeking a people who will let go of the manmade religious ideologies and fully embrace His Word and His word alone, in its entirety. This is quickly bringing things to a head within the structural church. As the spiritual church continues to run headlong into intimacy with God via total abandonment of any love or affection for religion or the things of this world, the structural church is watching and though they are not yet making noise over it, they are not happy. Religious spirits are secretly assassinating the character of those who truly want nothing more than to do only what God says or does and for that to be the only things in their lives. The religious spirits are using social media to trivialize the message of those chasing hard after God. Secret closed-door meetings are being held to convict the accused without any representation or even so much as the consideration of the whole truth. Phone calls and texts are being sent to abolish any authority which may be afforded those who simply want to love and serve God and people, but who have abandoned the people-pleasing tactics of years gone by. The clash is coming and each person within the structural church MUST make a decision between two schools of thought:

  1. Chase intimacy with God without regard to what it means we must give up in exchange for His presence, His Glory, and His favor OR

  2. Keep chasing programs and systems to build up the local assembly, keep numbers high, maintain the tithes and offerings budget, wallow in the status quo

Any who are currently locked into number two, or for that matter any who are locked into it at any point, and read this and feel the tug of the Holy Spirit on your heart - IT IS NOT TOO LATE. You can still opt for the First Choice by making Him your First Love and return to Him with total abandon.

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