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Being the Bride of Christ


I am SO proud of the knowledge Abba has given to Naphtali on this vital subject. Yeshua will return for a Bride, not servants and not sons. We MUST all understand how to fit into and function as all 3 and not just one or two.

So many in the church, especially men, cannot identify with this role. So they are a servant and/or son in action and deed, but a bride only by implication. May I pose a question or two? How many of you ladies want your husband to think of you as their "implied wife"? How many of we men would like our wives to think of themselves as committed to us only as much as an implied marriage would require? You see, it is no different for Abba or Yeshua. As you will hear in Naphtali's debut podcast, Jeremiah had the heart of God on this topic.

You are going to be SO BLESSED by this!!

More segments to come.......

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