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A Great Day to Serve the Lord

Today, we had a great time in fellowship with some dedicated young people. The experience had such an impact on me spirtually and emotionally, I just had to share it with you.

A young pastor, who is the same age I was when I accepted my first position as a senior pastor (24 years old), hosted an event focusing on the Glory. Pastor Joseph Castillo was asked to be the keynote speaker and Naphtali and I attended in support. More importantly to hear Joe preach. He really is a gifted orator and is extremely well studied on scripture and biblical principles. So, of course, we wanted to be there. We received a surprise invitation last night to assist in praying for persons at the event. It truly was an honor to help minister in this way. God is so faithful. He always brings such precious gifts to present to His children.

When we arrived, the atmosphere was quite electrified as persons from several African nations, some from Yemen, Brazil, and others were already engrossed in intimate worship of Abba! You could feel the glory in the air! A young man who was visiting received a word of knowledge from the pastor hosting the event and it was apparently quite accurate, convincing the man to accept Yeshua as his personal Lord! There simply is no greater miracle than that!!

Joe did a wonderful job showing the differences in the dominion Lucifer had and lost and the dominion Adam had and lost and the dominion those who follow Christ have and cannot lose because His dominion is eternal! Using Ezekial 28, Isaiah 14 and Genesis 28 Joe took us on a wonderful trip through time from eternal past at the rebellion of Lucifer; explaininghis ephod compared to the ephod that God gave to the priests in Gensis 28. All the while pointing out Yeshua's complete victory as prophesied in the contrast between these two ephods. Notice there are 3 jewels in the priest's ephod which were NOT in Lucifers. Those prohpesy to the victory Christ would pass on to us as His priests and kings on the earth! Can I get an amen? Good word Joe!

The altar service was nothing short of glorious!! As always YHVH (spelled YHWH in modern context) showed Himself mighty and gave us all many accurate prophetic words over complete strangers and even knocked a few people right off their feet. It was beautiful to see His bountiful love come with such Chabad (heavy or weighty) Glory that His people left changed for the better, feeling His love and mercy all the more.

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