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A Sunday in Beijing

Yesterday was a really good day. I was asked to help head up getting a worship team together at our Sunday group gathering. There were four of us, Eric, the drummer, who is a very hospitable, God-loving man from the Chicago area, Sa-de, a Finnish YWAM gal visiting for a few weeks with her team from the Sydney, Australia base, myself on guitar, and Tim helping out on vocals. After worship and a good message on "Financial Responsibility" by a man who is a Brigadiere General from a nation in Africa (here in China working for his embassy) we got to pray for people and then get to know some neat folks over lunch. One person we got to meet was a young woman named Hannah from the States who is teaching at a preschool. Hannah said she loves China and desires to live here longterm. Normally she can't attend Sunday services as she has to work weekends, but as she had two Sundays off for the Chinese New Year holidays and decided to travel an hour into Beijing to have a chance to fellowship, as she has been lonely lately. It was great to get to invite her out to lunch and get to hear a bit of her story. By the time she had to leave she was full of big smiles and said she is planning on coming to our weekly Wednesday night bible study and prayer meeting.

After lunch it was a short walk to the office for our fellowship where Tim and I began our 10 week course for the new members class. It was really good to be reminded from the teaching on God's grace and our salvation in Him. After discussion and farewells we stopped at WalMart to get a few items and then our apartment. At home that evening I kept finding myself smiling and singing in a spirit of worship as were unpacking from the day and as I cooked up some spaghetti we had purchased at the international market our first week here. I couldn't help but notice how good it felt to be in a place of praise and thanksgiving to He blesses the whole world with such love and generosity, to the degree that "he is [even] kind to the ungrateful and wicked." - Lk. 6:35 (emphasis mine).

It's a Good time to be in Beijing! Tim and I are so grateful we serve such a great God!

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