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We are LIVE and it's Saturday Night!

Hi Everyone!! We made it to Beijing safe and sound. We've rented an apartment in a neighborhood called Sunhe (Soon hua - the u and a sounds are mixed). We are walking distance from our bank, cellular and internet providers, a large farmer's market, several small and one large supermarkets, tea shops (with yummy pastries), etc. Our commute by high speed rail takes about 40 minutes into an area called Wanjing. We walk about 20-25 minutes to get to the Sunhe station. Fortunately Wanjing is near the church venue, but it still requires about another 15-20 minute walk.

Our internet service was just installed a few hours ago. We will be sending an update with more details and pictures soon, please keep an eye on your emails. Much going on, prayer requested and always welcomed!

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